discuss: would you trade 1 year of your life to have the perfect body?

A study shows that women would be willing to shorten their lives for their ideal body weight and shape. Would you?

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According to Jezebel, researchers found that 16% of gURLs would trade a year of their life, 10% said they’d trade two to five years, 2% said they’d trade 10 years, and 1% said they’d give up 21 (!!!) whole years of their life just to have the “perfect body.”

WDYT? Would you give up any time to have your ideal body for the rest of your life? How much? Leave your numbers (or lack thereof) in the comments or on the Shout Out Boards.

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  • Anonymous

    Absolutely not. There are ways to get yourself your ideal body without giving up any of your life.

  • meme

    hell yeah i would love to have a erfect body. Because right now i have a massive butt and quite a chubby tummey

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  • Emily

    Honestly, I wish that I *could* give that up for it…..

  • Kalyani

    i would happily give up 21 years of my life. Better to lead 50 years happily with a perfect body than to lead 90 years depressed with a fat one.

  • Princess.B

    Honestly, I may be willing to trade a year of my life to have a perfect body for the rest of them. A better idea – trade a year of your life by seriously dieting & exersicing for one year. I'm not very disiplined for such a feat, but I've already cut a lot of junk food from my diet and find I don't even miss it now. I've craved potatoe chips only 2 or 3 times the past two years, one of which I went for the healthier baked option. I'm sure if I spent a year or two on a commited diet, after they were over I'd be in the habbit of eating better foods and portions, and wouldn't even miss my old diet. I know I'd gain more satisfaction and some much needed disipline if I work for my perfect body, rather than having it handed to me.

    As cool as it would be to trade a year of life for the instant gradification of a perfect body, I'd rather work for it than pay for it with health or money.

  • rachel

    I'd give up 2 – 5 years. sounds really bad, but i have been struggling with my weight for as long as i can remember and im sooo self conscious about it.

  • pop

    in a heartbeat

  • A.B

    doesnt it depend how long your life will be? if you die at 50-not worth it, and if you die at 90 then it wouldnt matter so much. life gets worse as you get older anyway.

  • Sounds like I would give up nothing for the ideal body weight. I am struggle with my weight now and I don't want to lose one year or 21 years to losing weight! I just want to be left alone!

  • Samira

    I wouldnt give up any thin rly i luv how my body is rite now nd i will never want to change=]

  • readerhi1234

    No, I love life! Is having a flat stomach worth losing so many beautiful moments? Definatly not.

  • hailz

    i get bulllied about my body so much!

    guess yes im overweight.. who cares? all the boys 🙁

    im not super self cofident i think id give up 1 year for the perfect body but only if it was liken when i was 80

  • Meaghan

    I agree with Taylor! Besides, it's what's inside that counts!

  • Taylor

    No way, I want my life, all of it! I would rather have my body now, it is no big deal, I like my body the way it is.