How Do You Hump Something?

Hi Heather,

How do you “hump” something? It’s been mentioned a few times, but I don’t know what it means.

Hump is a slang word unless you’re talking about a hunch on a person or animal’s back, but when people say “hump”, they usually mean something else — usually one of a few things. It totally makes sense that you’d be confused about what it really means.

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Sometimes it’s just the motion of thrusting your genitals onto another person or a thing (like a table, for example). It can refer to the act of sexual intercourse in general. Other times, it’s how people describe having sex with your clothes on — aka dry humping.

Thanks for your question, and let me know if I can help with anything else!

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What about you, gURLs? Do you have a different definition of humping? Are any of you majorly confused about a certain sex term? Share your thoughts and advice below!

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  • #sexwannabe

    This doesn’t help me !! I wanna see it happen so I know how to do it !! 🙁

    • Isabella

      What does humping mean
      And I want to see it

  • SweetHeartedSweetie

    Humping in sex can be many things. A motion or intercourse. IN intercourse the boy puts his penis in a vaginal hole and you/him move up and down for a pleasure like feeling.