Reader Hookup Confession: I Don’t Want Him Going Down On Me

Believe it or not, not everyone likes oral. What do you do if you don’t want anyone going down south? Is it a blessing or a curse? Find out why this gURL doesn’t want her sweetie eating her out, and how it’s messing up her relationship:

“So my bf has decided that he’s not gonna let me do anything to him unless I let him go down on me. Neither of us have ever done it, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. He wants to, cause he wants to make me come, and he doesn’t like the inequality (cause I go down on him).

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I’m kinda freaked by it. Like, I don’t want to gross him out with my vagina-ness. He told me it won’t gross him out at all, but idk… Does it really feel that good? And like, am I just being silly?”

Is this gURL worrying over nothing? What do you think she should do? Do you hate oral? And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Taylor

    I felt the same way, it’s okay to be afraid to do that. I suggest you try it at least. And, to be more comfortable, have your BF give you a massage first.

  • Roxy

    You Know Honestly I Have An Oversized Libya && I Was Worried It Would Gross the gy out so i was like nervous bout the whole thing but it makes it less awkward with the lights off xD but if you really want to lights on (more preferred) but getting eaten out is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  • Rhiannon

    I thought it was kinda gross so never really wanted to try it. But we were having sex and he was kissing my stomach and before I knew what he was doing he was ‘down there’. It felt really good and I wasn’t grossed out at all. I think I just thought about it too much.

  • Sarah

    Some guys like it,some guys don’t. Most guys I’ve met do though. The only time you should never let him eat you out is when your on your period,that’s just digusting and not many guys like it and it could probably make him sick as well. I wouldn’t reccomend sex while on your period either,but messing around is okay. But, if he wants to let him. Make sure your shaved if you really worry about it. I shave my bikini line and my vagina. I don’t like having unwanted body hair. It grosses me out. And most guys I know won’t even go down south if a girl has a “bush.”

    • ccrunner4815

      Sarah- the hairier the better for me 🙂

  • mr. likes to help

    idk if you want a guys suggestion but let him try it once. some guys actualy prefer to give then take. =P and you might not mind it, even if you dont love it

  • Morgan

    its ok to be nervous about it at first i was by bf wanted to but i wouldnt let him but one i did it was mind blowing how good it felt like i read in one of the replys dont knock it till you try it

  • Josie

    At first i was worried about it but i finally let him do it and it felt amazing and he loved doing it to. If our worried it will taste or smell bad me to but your man will be nice and not say anything or he'll love it and keep doing it . but i advise you to do it its awesome!

  • kat

    DO IT. Seriously, one of the best things in the world. Oh man…

  • Julyanaa

    So. I had this problem just last week.

    My BF really wanted to. and I didnt. Until I finally decided just to see where it would lead us.

    After it was all said and done. None of us really liked it.

    As long as your vagina is clean and what not, he shouldn't get grossed out.

    It helps the awkwardness if he fingers you first.

    So. Truth is you cant knock it until yoyu try it.

    P.S. Kudos to your man for wanting to give & not just recieve.

  • yo ma bf just tasted ma pussy and he didnt like dat shi

  • hailz

    heey ik how you feel

    like ive never done it but a guy has asked me and i always say no, mostly cuz im afriad it wont taste good! or hes never seen one and will be freaked out!

    just idk that hell get a bad reaction to seeing, tastinbg, smelling and he wont like me and ugh

    but i deffs say try it.. cuz you know till you try!

    just give it a shot..maybe youll really enjoy it..youll never know! 🙂

  • monyca

    ok i have no idea if it's good or not

    im a virgin

    "Virgin Virgo" is my nickname in skool

    but don't let him pressure u int smeti=hing u dont wanna do

    a true boo will wait instead of being a bug a boo

  • Amanda

    it can be absolutely amazing, mind blowingly good. what i like is to have the blanket over me so he cant see my face, it makes it less awkward.

    Try it outtttt(:

  • Soph

    It feels sooo good n as the guru before me said Ure lucky!!!

  • Cat

    Oral sex can be a fantastic experience if you learn to let go and relax. He's wants to show you that he's dedicated to pleasing you, not just you pleasing him. And your vagina-ness is a good thing. Lol. It's one of the parts that he's attracted to, not grossed out by.

  • Sarah

    It's more of your choice. Your boyfriend should respect that because if you don't feel comfortable of him going down on you, he should respect that. I guess he just wants to make you guys feel equal and not feel like awkward because your always going down on him. I say you are lucky though because most boys would ignore that. But also because I've never had anyone go down on me, because it makes me uncomfortable thinking about it, like he'd be like, "Ew, it's so nasty!" but like, what do you expect? It to be all gorgeous and stuff lol. That's my opinion, it's hard picking sides in this situation.

  • Odessa

    I think you should try it just once. If you don't like it, just tell him. If you do… well there you go.

  • Candace

    she's not weird.. i felt like that when this guy i was with wanted to go down on me for the first time.. you just have to do it.. lol if he wants to give you oral then just let him.. it will be okay.. (make sure your clean)..

  • This girl is lucky. Most guys prefer to receive and not return the favor. If he volunteers then let him do it.

  • Lizzy

    Oh its normal to feel like that. i was freaked the first time too. all the questions like what if he doesnt like it, the taste, smell…everything! if you do not feel comftorable then dont do it but my advise would be.. try it once, if you dont like it then dont do it ever again. hope i helped 🙂

    -P.s- I ended up loving it 🙂