it’s peta2 month on!

Big news for all you animal lovers: We’re proud to announce that April is officially peta2 month on!

For the next 30 days, we’ll be bringing you comix, giveaways, advice, and more from the critter-caring people at peta2.

|Check out the first in our series of PETA comix, Lucy Goes Veg!|

Look out for all of the fun! And if you have questions for peta2, make sure to post them in the comments below!

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  • Sara

    It's such common knowledge that Peta is horrible!!! Why is this site wasting time on those crazies?

    • scuzz

      I know this is months old but I love peta and peta2. All of us who support them really aren’t crazy. I know all the legitimate reasons why people don’t like peta and I still support them. Are you one of the people who are for animal rights and such but you don’t like peta or are you just a person listening to what every other redneck is telling you and choosing to be ignorant about animal abuse?

  • Taylor

    Go Peta! I just read the comic about the girl going vegetarian, I'm a vegetarian too, have bee for about a year. I want to try and be vegan one day too.