Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Celebrity Yearbook Photos

So, you're back at school. Have you taken your yearbook photo yet? Because, not to scare you or anything, that picture kind of does live on forever. But don't worry too much, gURL. As the stars in the following yearbook photos prove, a bad picture doesn't mean you're doomed forever. If Taylor Lautner, Chelsea Handler and Lea Michele can recover from their less-than-stellar pics, you can too, right? So where does your pic fall on the awkwardness spectrum? Flip through, LOL, and find out!


Time was really "tik tokking" for Ke$ha back in high school. Much like us, she just couldn't wait to get out of there, so she dropped out at 17. But if she'd stuck around, she probably would have won the Most Likely to Throw Up in Your Closet Award. Dreams really can come true, kids!

Lea Michele

Back when Lea was a student at Tenafly High in New Jersey, she was just like the rest of us -- a young gURL with a really big dream and an even bigger voice. Now, she's basically the most talented triple threat in Hollywood, not to mention a stylista in her own right. Is it any surprise that we would've given Lea the superlative of Most Likely to Succeed?

Crystal Bowersox

This photo of Crystal reminds us that the weird kids in high school (especially the ones wearing jewelry fit for pets) are not to be underestimated. The Idol alum grew up in Ohio (not Jamaica, as her dreads suggest), and could always be found playing music in the train stations in her 'hood. If we were in Crystal's class, we'd say she's the Least Likely to Be On Reality TV. But hey, we all make mistakes...

Lee Dwyze

We all knew a kid who looked like Lee back in high school, but we can't say we know many Idol winners. Lee went from high school dropout to reality star and managed to lose the hoodie and clean himself up for Simon's sake. His high school friends must be kicking themselves for not keeping in touch!

Ryan Seacrest

Eek! No stylist back in high school, Mr. Seacrest? Your 'do is a bit Grease lightning, minus the pomade. From the looks of his now-perfectly tanned skin vs. his old school blemishes, it seems Seacrest had a major makeover when HD came into play. Do you think he won Most Likely to Succeed in Ruling Primetime TV?

Adam Lambert

We're not lying! That is actually Glambert in high school! It's no surprise to find out that he acted in high school plays and was in the school choir, but we never would have pegged him for a former blondie. We award him Most Likely to Pull a Full 180.

Rooney Mara

Can you tell by looking at this school pic that Rooney was gonna be a star? Well, probably not, since even Rooney herself didn't want to get into acting when she was in school. But now, 6 years after her high school graduation, she's taking Hollywood by storm and starring in perhaps the most anticipated film series, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." She's a shoe in for Most Likely To Be The Next Big Thing. Duh.

Tiger Woods

What a year for Tiger! It makes us nostalgic for the old days when Tiger was known as Eldrick (what?!) and was hitting golf balls at 2 years old on national TV. This yearbook photo is from his kindergarten graduation because we think he needs to get back in touch with the Tiger we used to know. Back then he probably won the Perfect Swing(er) Award.

Kendra Wilkinson

Despite the recent release of Kendra's Sex Tape #1, in high school she was just like all the other girls. Playing softball, lining up prom dates, dreaming of putting that Playboy Bunny Halloween costume to use in the real world... Just think: while Kendra was being fitted for her cap and gown, Hugh was getting measured for a new cane! Dream big, gURLs.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda claims that no guys wanted to date her in high school. But we're counteracting that claim and saying, uh, WHAT? No way! She's gorgeous, even at an age when you're supposed to be awkward and look back at yourself and cringe! Not. Fair.

Paris and Nicky Hilton

Remember when we didn't know who they were?! This photo captures that lovely time in all of our lives when we were oblivious to the fact that those hotels we all confused with Marriotts were owned by Chihuahua-loving pinkaholics. Paris and Nicki's blank stares in their yearbook photo give us nothing! Much like their future in Hollywood. Ouch.

Levin Johnston

OK fine, we'll admit it. Even king douche Levi was kind of hot back in the day. But that was way before he knocked up Bristol Palin, posed for Playgirl, and used his "notoriety" to become "famous." Congratulations, Levi. You're awarded the superlative for Most Likely To be a Douchebag.

Lindsay Lohan

Hello, fresh-faced Lindsay! Something we haven't seen in a while. Before the court cases and ankle bracelets, Lindsay was just a regular redhead going to school in Long Island. She must have learned a thing or two about mean girls but probably didn't pay enough attention during the alcohol prevention lectures.

Jessica Simpson

While Jessica may not have had the best year ever in the tabloid world, looking back on her old school days makes us realize just how far she's come. Growing up with pop Joe Simpson must not have been a picnic for Jess, but she's all smiles in this junior high pic. We name her Most Likely to Go Through a Boy Band Phase.

Taylor Lautner

Throwback hairstyle alert! We sorta miss the goofiness of that spikey hair look! Too bad Taylor didn't have time between class and kickin' it in karate class to grow it out past his shoulders and try the Jacob 'do. He would have won the award for Most Likely to Put His Karate Skills to Good Use.

Stephenie Myer

The Twilight author responsible for Taylor Lautner's appeal grew up in Arizona. Maybe the bleak desert paved the way for the dark and doomed tale of Forks, Washington? We award Stephenie with Most Likely to Turn Her Weird Dreams into Reality.

Ashley Tisdale

Hello, Jersey hair! Can you tell that The Tis is originally from New Jersey? Before she was dancing and singing on cafeteria tables at East Side High, she was hanging out at the mall (where else? It's Jersey) where she met her manager. If we were in her high school class, we'd give her the award for Most Likely to Play Herself in a Major Role.

Chelsea Handler

Speaking of Jersey hair -- yikes. There's nothing funny about Livingston, NJ native Chelsea's frizzy locks. But she did get fodder for her 3 best-selling books from her growing up in NJ, so she has to have been doing something right. Right?!

Anne Hathaway

Anne was also a resident of the Garden State, but no Jersey hair for her. Even back in high school, she looked like a "princess."

Selena Gomez

We know if Selena were just a regular kid growing up in her hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas, she'd still be in high school. And here in her 8th grade yearbook pic, she's pretty believable as just a regular gURLl in class! But it's nothing that a wizard's spell can't change... We name her the Coolest Homeschooler Ever.

Shenae Grimes

Growing up in Toronto was a far cry from her current 90210 zip code, but Shenae felt right at home with the Canadians on Degrassi. We barely recognize her without her couture! We'll grant her Most Likely to Never Actually Graduate High School.

Katherine Heigl

All smiles for Katie Heigl in high school! Little did she know back then that she'd grow up to be a model, an actress and a doctor (to us, at least). She dropped out her sophomore year to head to Hollywood, but if she'd stuck around, she would have won Prom Queen in our eyes.

Farrah Fawcet

We lost a true angel this year. Naturally, Farrah's hair in her high school pic is so perfect. Move over, Jennifer Aniston -- Farrah's hairstyles spawned so many imitations. Wonder what kind of 'do she wore to prom! Farrah won Best Looking in high school, so we don't even have to speculate.

Sarah Palin

There she is! The former Miss Wasilla looks more pageant girl than running mate in her high school shot. Surprising? Nah, we're just glad Sarah didn't drop thousands of tax dollars for her picture day outfit. As for her senior superlative, let's just say she's Most Likely to Keep Us Guessing.

Nick Cannon

When this photo of Nick Cannon was taken back in the day, he was probably listening to "One Sweet Day" on the radio and daydreaming about seeing Mariah in concert. Oh, how times have changed. Baby-faced Nick wins the Most Likely to Inspire Us All Award.

Katy Perry

Katy was a blonde?! This gURL never ceases to amaze us. While we're more in favor of her dark locks to complement her fair skin and red lipstick, we're pretty sure this is just one of many looks she tried out in high school. Probably around the same time she was trying out the whole kissing gURLs thing... Katy, you get the award for Best Halloween Costumes. We're bummed we couldn't have been there to see them all those years.

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