Celebrity Besties, On TV And In Real Life

Taylor Momsen and Her Vibrator

The media was all a "buzz" when Taylor confided she needs batteries for her BFF. The saddest thing about her confession was that it was probably the least controversial thing Taylor said/did that day.

However, there are some people in Hollywood who really do have real-live, no batteries needed best friends -- the people who have connected in just the right way to be each other's besties. These duos can withstand anything, and take you a far greater distance than any vibrator (got that Taylor?).

So click on and feel the love....

J-Woww and Snooki

These two jersey gURLs do just about everything together, including GTL .

Daria and Jane

While Quinn and the rest of the Fashion Club may trash their style (and their blunt outlook on the Sick Sad World we live in), we think Daria and Jane were years ahead of their time.

Rachel and Monica

While Ross and Rachel were the couple to remember, Rachel and Monica were the couple that stayed Friends...

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

...even after the show went off the air. Look for the real life BFFs reunited when Jen guests on Courteney's show Cougar Town.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning

We bet that kiss they shared in The Runaways made them friends on a whole new level...

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Friendship is many things for many people, but we bet for funny gURLs and besties Tina and Amy it's bonafide hilarious.

Ernie and Bert

Rubber Ducky may be "the one" but Sesame Street would not be the same without this twosome.

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff

The couple, er, friends, who sing together stay together, right? Lea and Jonathan have been singing duets on Broadway long before their Glee days and these two besties are still going strong.

Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta

When Fall Out Boy's Pete signed Cobra Starship to his label, and got more than just a band. He got a BFF! But it makes sense, the two probs share Summer's Eve(s) together.

Joey and Dawson

The Creek crew are perennial proof that you can date your best guy friend.

Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks

Eating, shopping or sitting courtside, we bet BFFs Kimora and Tyra have a lot more in common than their million dollar enterprises.

Cher and Dionne

Do you honestly think we'd include a list of the greatest besties ever and not include Cher and Dionne from Clueless? As if!

Drew Barrymoore and Cameron Diaz

Drew and Cam may have had their off moments, but when you're living together (which they have), filming flicks together (which they have), and sharing boyfriends (which they probably have), you're pretty much biffsters automatically.

Kurt and Mercedes

Sue Sylvester said it best -- how do these two not have a show on Bravo?

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz

Are they or aren't they an item? Well, we're not sure. But we are sure that the Twilight sibs are pretty much inseparable.

DJ and Kimmy

Kimmy did triple duty in the Tanner (full) house -- wacky neighbor, resident bimbo, and, of course, DJ's bestie. Friday nights in the 90s wouldn't be the same without them.

Katherine Heigl and TR Knight

These two may have checked out of Seattle Grace, but Katherine and TR are real-life friends who prove that laughter can be the best medicine.

Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler

What do these two lovely ladies have in common other than being each other's BFFs? They're both famous offspring -- so they can bond over growing up in the limelight.

Shrek and Donkey

With a friend like Donkey, Shrek knows there's always someone to cover his ass.

Perez Hilton and Hollywood

What would the Queen of All Media be without Hollywood leaving itself open for his searing wit? And yes, we realize "searing wit" is an exaggeration. So is Hollywood.

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