12 Ways To Attract A Vampire

12 Ways To Attract A Vampire

It's come to our attention that we really need vampire boyfriends. We'd been holding out, but after seeing Rob Pattinson on the big screen once again, it's become clear. And the only people we can think of to give us the best advice about how exactly to woo a vampire are the ladies with experience: Bella, Sookie and Elena. Want the best advice in the biz? Read on for all our tips to scoring the perfect vampire. Just watch out for his bite...

1. Live In a Small Town

If you narrow the playing field and move to a town like Bon Temps, Louisiana, you'll probably find a vampire boyfriend. That way, when you're working one night as a waitress like Sookie and a vampire comes in, you're almost guaranteed to be working his table.

2. Have a Cool Name

Because being named Jane or Susie just won't cut it. Just look at Buffy and Sookie.

3. Wear Hoodies

No need to dress to impress your vampire crush. All you need is jeans, Converse, some rings and a wide array of hoodies and plaid button-downs.

4. Kick Butt

It's not just anyone that's chosen to be the slayer of vampires and demons -- Buffy was selected because she's got something that not all other gURLs have got -- butt kicking chops. Raise the stakes (literally) and show your own Angel what you've got.

5. Keep a Journal

Elena first got Stefan's attention by scribbling in her journal in a spooky cemetery. It could have been a case of being in the right place at the right time, but we think her diary (hence the name of the show, The Vampire Diaries) had something to do with it. If you want a vampire boyfriend, grab a journal, preferably a leather-bound one, immediately.

6. Be Popular

High school may have been like hell for Buffy, but she made it out alive. She was the popular cheerleader and (bonafide butt-kicker) at Sunnydale High. As long as you've got a clique like the Scooby Gang to sit with at lunch, you're golden.

7. Have the Ability to Read Minds

Thank goodness Sookie can keep track of Vampire Bill with her weird mind-reading talent. When Bill goes missing (every other episode) and she needs to figure out who knows where he is, she just tunes into other people's thoughts and finds the kidnapper. We can think of a million different uses for mind-reading abilities, but the best one is wooing a vampire.

8. Move to a New School

The love saga began when Bella Swan moved from Phoenix to Forks, and the new girl at school was suddenly the hottest. So hot, in fact, that even the cold-blooded Cullens (who usually don't venture outside their coven) and Edward especially became intrigued. Move to a new town and you'll catch the (red) eye of your vampire, too.

9. Be a Dead Ringer for a Dead Person

When once upon a time there was someone who looked exactly like you running around and that person just happened to be the girlfriend of the vampire you're trying to woo, well, you're golden. Just go on looking exactly like you do already and you'll be just fine.

10. Be Mysterious

Some secrets are best left untold. What's the fun in having a boyfriend if he knows everything about you? Edward can't read Bella's mind and he finds that all the more intriguing. And besides, your vampire will have thousands and thousands of years to figure you out.

11. Be An Orphan

Since Elena's parents died in a car accident and Stefan happened to have been there during it, it opened up a ton of shoulder-crying material for the two of them to hash out. If you want to really have things to discuss with your vampire crush, make sure that you were adopted and you had no idea until your vampire told you. That will ensure hours and hours of mysteries to uncover.

12. Be The Only Blonde In Town

When you're the rare blonde in a sea of southern redheads and brunettes, you've got an edge on your competition. So if you're thinking of changing up your look, take a survey of the styles your friends are rockin' -- and do the exact opposite.

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