First Period: I Thought I Was Dying!

there's a first time for everything. period.

First periods can be scary, but this gURL wrote in to tell us it was the freakiest thing that ever happened to her! What would you do? Read on!

“Well, it’s kind of funny how I got it. I was with my cousin. She was 15 and I was 9… yeah hard to believe — 9! It was like 1 a.m. and we were both on the Internet looking for things to do while there was a party outside for my other cousin’s birthday.

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Suddenly I had to go to the bathroom and I saw myself covered with LOTS of blood. I actually thought I was dying of cancer (yeah, there was some craziness) and I yelled like crazy: “AANDYYY! HELPP THERE’S BLOOD EVERY WHERE DOWN THERE, OH HELP!” And she said” WTF?! OMG YOU’RE A WOMAN! CONGRATS!” I was still in shock. And then she called my mother, and my mom didn’t believe me. But I didn’t really care.

Then my cousin gave me a pad. I didn’t actually know what it was or how to put it on, so she gave me instructions. I got out of the bathroom freaked out like hell and  started crying, so she sang to me! She doesn’t sing very well so I started to laugh harder than ever and then cried again.

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It was, is, and will continue to be the weirdest thing ever! Now I have grown and I know what everything is thanks to her and so… I’m okay.”

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  • Julia

    I remeber perfectly it was Aug. 9 and I was at my grammas house and she had an orange tree so we would have a LOT of orangy drinks… when i went to pee I saw one small red dot on my toilet paper I freaked out i thought my heart was going to fall out our something. Long story short my gramma only wore thick pads so guess what i wore! My mom came home early from work and I pretty much had every female in the family congratulating me it was pretty funny because all of my guy cousins were soo lost!! ahaha they kept on asking me what i did to get soo many congrats! ahaha

  • AlwaysTheSilverDoe

    My friend was staying with me when she got her period (yes, I know I’m telling stories, but I asked her permission) and she had no idea what a period was or anything like that so… I have a bathroom in my bedroom, and she goes in, I hear her sobbing hysterically, so I’m thinking, “Ohmigawd Missy’s dying!” but she had locked the door, I had no key. I hear her talking to her brother, J.D on the phone, “J-J-Jay Deeeeeeeee! I-I-I’m dying! I-I-I had to p-pee and it came out b-b-b-blood!” He says something and she says, “No, come get me p-p-please I’m b-bleeding” He says something else and I hear *sniffle sniffle* “Are you s-sure?” Pause. “Okay. Bye J.D” (I’m sure J.D felt very awkward) She comes out and says “I think I got my period or something” (I love how she tried to play it off, like I couldn’t hear her wailing) So I give her a pad, and she isn’t dead, so… Me and J.D triumph!

  • Aria

    When my school told us about periods in fifth grade I was sitting there with my period making jokes and stuff to lighten the mood, it was weird now that i think back because I get really moody now and my period has gotten really bad, I got my period in the beginning of fifth grade and I told my mom right away. I wasn’t emotional or anything because I already knew all about them. My mom felt the need to inform my sister really well and I was seven at the time so I listened to the whole thing and I was really bored so I found a red piece of yarn and I held it down there and I was like OH MY GOSH I HAVE MY PERIOD! my sister started laughing which I was going for because she never laughs at my jokes. 😀


    Mine was weird but id like to start from the beginning I was entering the sixth grade and all my friends had gotten theirs i felt like a baby so the next day i went to school and lied about them. Listen to your parents when they say lying is bad. Anyways i continued to lye about it. Then a week before my 13th birthday i started to get bad stomach aches and i didnt know what was going on. On my birthday the stomach aches were worse and i was getting ready to go out with my friends. I was getting ready to wash up, when i pulled off my clothes, there it was. I was freaking out but no one was in the house. I was so embarrased so i didn’t tell anyone in my family for almost a year i used tissue for that long. Now im 14 turning 15 in like 42 days and im a little more confident about the situation….but i still hate my period because of the cramps and the problems with sleeping at night.

  • Emily

    i started when i was ten and had no clue what was going on, i also thought i was dying and decided to hide it and i couldn’t talk to anyone in my family because there aren’t any women in it but my DAD realised and ending up explaining it to me, it was so embarrasing!

  • faith

    wow i got mines at 11 when i first got mines i was freaking out i thought that something was wrong with me. and i told my sis and it was kind of embarrassing to me?

  • starr

    i got it at 9 too. i had already known what it was and i was soo happy because i felt like such a woman!!!

  • Hazel

    Haha. I remember I was 12 and I knew what it was- I just didn’t want mine yet and when I did I thought it was like, the end of the world. xD I woke up feeling all funny on Saturday morning and after I realised I was so embarressed that I just told my Mum that there was blood in the toilet, I couldn’t say the word “period”. Anyway all weekend I felt really depressed and I thought everyone at school was going to hate me or something… lol. Especially when I found out I was the only girl in my class. After about a week I was fine though and now, after 1 and a half years, I feel a lot better about it. ^^

  • marisa

    we have the same exact story

  • Hattie

    Ha, the same thing happened to me.
    I was 11 and was at my grams, and me, being the total game-addict I am, had brought my Game Boy in the bathroom with me. (I know–nasty,germy,dangerous.) Anyway, I was so absorbed in the game whilst pulling everything down and using the bathroom that when I DID finally put the game on the sink and looked at my underwear I saw blood–everywhere. I started crying and trying to think of ways to tell people I might be dying. My sis came to check on me and thus, with telling her of my “dying”, she introduced me to the world of periods and my aunts huge pad stache under my gram’s sink 😛

  • Elephant

    I was lucky because I was told in 4th grade about mine and I didn’t get it until I was 12 so I knew what it was well in advance

  • Well I am 12 years old and I started on the 22nd of June 2011 and I wasnt that scared
    I had cramps all day and at the end of the day I went to the bathroom and sure enough there was blood, but it was so little it was lots when I wiped though, so anyway I put a pad on and told my mum, i was like “Mum, I think I got my period” and she said”Oh my baby is a woman” lol ikr
    But my period only lasted like 1 day and was super duper light
    It was admittidly the BEST period ever

  • Ruth

    Reading this and some of these comments, it seems that some girls are not even told about periods before they have started. I myself eas never told my my parents or my school but I was thankfully told by friends. However, I personally think that it is disgusting how some girls are not told by their own mothers. It is so ridiculous that it’s some sort of taboo subject STILL. It really do envoke venom in my veins sometimes, I cannot stand it. It’s a part of nature and yet somehow so many people are still too either arrogant or embarrassed to face their own normally bodily functions. It should so be discussed so much more.

    The fact that some people are too embarrassed to talk about it I cannot stand. I know some people find it disgusting but that’s no reason to not talk. All mothers or gurdians should tell their children about periods BEFORE they start. Not doing so is completely ridiculous and setting the child to believe it is something of shame and to not be spoken about.

  • sobul

    one day i was checkin my moms wardrobe.when i found pads mom was offerin prayer.when i blurted wat r pampers doin in ur wardrobe??????? and she was laughin so hard tht she broke her prayer..and i was surprised tht y iz she laughin so hard.thn she told me bout when i had my periods.i was so go 2 school the next day.cuz i thought every one would see blood and i was screaming and cryin.and the other day was so normal.

  • Serah

    I remember my first. I had just got done reading madeline and i was like “why do I feel so gewy down there. I went to the loo and was like “somthing is not rrright” ( like miss Clevel in the story).

  • Kaylah

    When i started my period it was embarssing . The reason l said it was embrassing was because i was at my bf house. After a few i went to the bathroom i notice a lot of blood then i started screaming and crying. My bf mum told me what was going on. When i went tjo school the next day i find out my bf was telling the whole school about my period. (He dumped me for no good reason)

    • marquiese

      Hey thats a sad storie i so sorry and your bf such a jerk.

    • Serah

      He should be proud to have a woman as a girlfriend. ok then YOUR TOO GOOD FOR HIM!!!

  • kesiapooh98


  • Crystal

    I started when I was 11. I'd been feeling pretty funny all day but I thought it was just because we had just moved to a new town in Arkansas. But when I woke up in the morning, I went to the restroom and I found lots of blood!! I thought I was hemmoraging.. I screamed "MOM!!!" She came running to my bathroom and asked "Whats the matter?" I told her I was hemmoraging and she said "Its just your period. Put a pad on!!" And she threw a pad at me!! I was so scared because I didn't even know about periods!

  • Laura

    My terrible drama happened that …

    I was 10 then and I was in school sitting down in History, I could feel something funny in my pants and I had a bad stomach ake. I asked my teacher if I could go to the toilet and I went. Then I nowtwiced blood all over my pants! The worst thing is that I was wearing a skirt. But luckily, 1 week ago before I went to school, I had stomach akes and she said "Here are your pads put them in this special box and take them to school in case you start your period." so I luckily had them in my bag and putted the pad on. I still had my pants in blood, so I spended like 1hr in the toilets trying to sort something out! Embarassing! 😛

  • Andy

    I still remember the day vividly I started my period. I felt funny the whole day, that day I happened to have to go with my dad to drive my sister to the mall. My stomach hurt but I didn't know until later that it was cramps. When I went home i told my mom how I felt and she asked me if I started my period. I said no but she made me go check myself. I went to use the bathroom and their was blood; I freaked out but my mom calmed me down and told me to put a pad on. I had no idea how to put a pad on though! Thank goodness for the little instructions on the side! 😛