First Period: I Thought I Was Dying!

there's a first time for everything. period.

First periods can be scary, but this gURL wrote in to tell us it was the freakiest thing that ever happened to her! What would you do? Read on!

“Well, it’s kind of funny how I got it. I was with my cousin. She was 15 and I was 9… yeah hard to believe — 9! It was like 1 a.m. and we were both on the Internet looking for things to do while there was a party outside for my other cousin’s birthday.

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Suddenly I had to go to the bathroom and I saw myself covered with LOTS of blood. I actually thought I was dying of cancer (yeah, there was some craziness) and I yelled like crazy: “AANDYYY! HELPP THERE’S BLOOD EVERY WHERE DOWN THERE, OH HELP!” And she said” WTF?! OMG YOU’RE A WOMAN! CONGRATS!” I was still in shock. And then she called my mother, and my mom didn’t believe me. But I didn’t really care.

Then my cousin gave me a pad. I didn’t actually know what it was or how to put it on, so she gave me instructions. I got out of the bathroom freaked out like hell and  started crying, so she sang to me! She doesn’t sing very well so I started to laugh harder than ever and then cried again.

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It was, is, and will continue to be the weirdest thing ever! Now I have grown and I know what everything is thanks to her and so… I’m okay.”

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  • JoeyKingActress

    Got mine’s a 9! Didn’t tell my mom anything, only my BFF/SISTER

  • Mikasa

    My fist time was in school, 9th grade. I went to the bathroom a lot. It was weird because I thought I was peeing all the time, in my underwear. I saw that A LOT of blood cam gushing out, I WAS FREAKED! I looked back and my seat was in blood! I had to use toilet paper for sometime. I called my mom and told her about it, she picked me up and and gave me pads. I was freaked and exited at the same time.

  • lily

    So..I started last year- 13 years old. And I went up north (I living in Michigan) for a 7 hour NO REST STOP 4-wheeling ride. Thank God I had a windbreaker and 3 other layers on or else I would have bled through everything. I never cried- for the whole week I spent up there. I only puked cause of food poisoning :/ but it wasnt that bad!

  • Sarah

    It was on my 14th birthday (yup, on it!) and i was at school doing some work. Then i started to feel some cramps ‘down there’ so went to the bathroom to check it out. and sure enough it was my period 🙂 but what sucked was my water park birthday party was right after school… (it was a Friday)

  • KIMA

    I got mind when the females in my family were in the sittingroom and i bent down to pick my pen that fell and my sister shouted KIMA WHATS ON UR SHORTS and evry1 turned to see whats on it even me and mums like i shud go in and put on some pads and when i came out my mum has told evry1 dat i started including my 4 brothers who made it a point to avoid of all week

  • Brook

    i started when i was 12 i had been waiting to start and one day in p.e. i had to go to the bathroom and i saw lot of blood scared the crap outa me and i was in the fourth grade bathroom and there was no “secret stach” so i had to run up stairs go in to the bathroom and get one of the crappy school ones cause my teacher was in the classroom

  • Sarah

    Ok so my story is not that exciting but im going tell it any way i was 11 or 12 im 14 now

    So me and my mom were on our way home from my nanas and we stop for gas and i needed to pee so mom paid for gas and i went to the bathroom and pulled down my undies and blood all over the place i said damn it had to start in a public place and i said nothing to my mom the rest of the way home. And now we are home so i go to the bathroom (lucky me my Grandmother had gotten me a teen kit so i was good) and i put on a pad and walked out my mom was cooking and i whisper to her i started and my mom said you started what? and i said MY PERIOD she said OH MY BABY GIRL IS A WOMEN YAY and thats my story thanks for reading

  • Khloe Kardashian

    don’t worry

  • Khloe Kardashian

    there’s nothing to worry about your period!!!!

  • chapa

    i had my period when i was at montessori & i was 4yrs old!!!!!!!!

  • Manoji

    i got my period when i was at hospital to check my stomach ’cause i had pain for a long time, and i was 12 years old. my parents & i went there and 2 cousins( girl & boy),my grandma,uncle,sister and our house keeper were at home. suddenly my sister cousin phoned my mom & said there was b**** in my p****.my mom took me to the b’room and we saw it! i cried & was about to faint. we quickly went home & my brother cousin and all were gazing at me. i ran to my room and stayed the rest of the day.we had the party next day and it became natural to me.thnx!!!!!!

  • Tulip

    My story’s boring, haha-

    So I started having cramps for a week or so and then one night while masturbating I thought I saw brown on my fingers and thought it was poop. I was disgusted and decided to stop and just take a shower in the morning. When I woke up in the morning I pulled down my underwear and saw a glob of blood in them. I walked up to my mom who was doing laundry and showed her (I was too embarrased to talk!) and she put them in the wash and got me some pads. I was 13, and I’m 13 now lol.

  • chattiekattie

    I didn’t tell ANY1 when I got on my period. I was too embarrassed!

  • BigCityDreams

    Haha mine was lik when i was 11? and it was thanksgiving…at my GRANDMAS…it was right after everyone left and i was crapming and i went to the bath room and pulled my undies down and BA-BAM blood! I was like WTF! and i wasnt scared cuz i thought it was that… then i didnt tell any1 and got home and told my mom and shes lik go get the pads from my room! I had a pretty strange time walkin around in one…

  • Kate

    Mine was when I was 11ish, 12ish and I was getting really bad cramps during spanish. When I went to the bathroom, there was no blood so I was like whatever. Then I had PE and when I was in the middle of running a mile, the cramps worsened and when I checked in the bathroom afterwords there was blood everywhere! I put a bunch of toilet paper in my undies and didn’t tell anyone until after school when I came home to my mom. It was so embarrassing!

  • Fab

    My first piriod was when i was 11 years old. It was thanksgiving day and my cuzen was home with me . Sow we were playing in the computer and it was almost time for her to go home. Sow befor she went down stair to leave i went to the bathroom and i saw piriod all over my pany i was like omg thiz could not be happening becuz ur soppused to get ur piriod at 13. Sow i got out he bathroom and i told her “my piriod just camed down”. she was like ” ur kidding” i was like “no” sow she went home and like around 3hours later she calls saying that her piriod came down wierd right…..

  • Brittney

    OKAY, so my story is very different from all of the other ones but I’ve never told anyone but my mom and then a couple other people found out…anyway, I’ll just start from the beginning…

    So, first of all I am a little different then most girls, I have a disease called Hypopituitarism, basically it means that I don’t produce hormones therefore I never really went through a “natural” puberty. My doctor prescribed me birth control because it has a regulated amount of female hormones that would kinda make me develop a little more. She honestly didn’t say ANYTHING about having periods, so it was a little surprising haha.

    So I was 16 when I had my first period, my cousins where in town so we all went to Park City to visit the stores and walk around etc. I had been feeling sick all day, my stomach hurt and I was all b*tchy and I didn’t want to be there at all. So, all the people that where there was my mom and her boyfriend, my uncle and his two kids (one girl who is a couple years younger than me and a boy who is even younger.), and of course myself. We went to lunch or something and NOTHING on the menu looked good, I thought I had a stomach bug or something so when my mom excused herself to the bathroom, I decided to tag along, thinking maybe I just needed to use the bathroom or something. Oh my god am I glad my mom was in the next stall! I pulled down my pants and saw all this blood and I was like:
    “There’s like…a lot of blood.”
    haha she freaks out and like busts into my stall and gets this really concerned look on her face like I’m dying. Then she’s like
    “Stay here! I’m going to go get help.”
    And I’m thinking A) like hell I’m goin anywhere! and B) why do you need help…like, am I about to die or something!
    So basically she tells her bf and makes him go to the store to get pads and a new pair of underwear.

    Needless to say my cousins where very confused…

    SO, thanks for reading my long story, I just kinda wanted to share! =^..^=

  • Amy

    My first was when I was 11. It was during the morning. I went to the bathroom before I got on the bus, and there was NOTHING. Then we had a bathroom break at school. I wiped and when i saw red i thought i got a bad toilet Paper. So I got another, same thing. I started freaking out and told all my friends, “I’m having my period!” So then I had to ask to go to the nurse, tell the nurse i needed a pad, then I had to figure out what to do. So I got it on. Good thing it was the last day before Thanksgiving break. My mom picked me up early for a dentist appointment and I told my mom and she said, “Aww! My baby girl is growing up!” So yea…mine was okay yet scary!