All of My Friends Make Fun of Me for Having Big Boobs!

lots of gURLs have big boobs!

Hey Heather,

I’m a 7th grader and I have a DD sized bra. Some of the girls at my school created a weekly event called (my name) Titty Tuesday where they can make comments about my boobs and poke at them. They take pictures of my bra on Facebook and update their status saying that my bra size is 38 DD. I wish they would stop but they never do. What should I do? Most of them are my friends and I don’t want to lose them.

What your friends are doing is really not okay. In fact, they can actually get into a lot of trouble for sexual harassment. Check your school’s handbook for its sexual harassment policy — every middle school has one.

Directly tell your friends that you are not okay with their behavior and that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let them make excuses or call you names or say that they’re just joking around: The fact that they’re making comments, touching you, and posting things online shows that their bullying has gone far enough.

|Wanna talk about your bod? Get yappin’ on the Shout Out Boards.|

If they don’t stop, or you feel too embarrassed to confront them, talk to your parents, a teacher or a guidance counselor to get some help. I’d highly recommend printing out their Facebook pictures and statuses for proof. Sexual harassment can effect a gURL’s self-esteem, self-worth, performance in school, relationships… everything!

I know that they’re your friends, but sometimes people take jokes way too far. You should never make a person feel ashamed or humiliated about who they are, especially not someone you care about. It could very well be that your friends are jealous of your size, or that they’re just happy not being the ones getting made fun of. Maybe they think it’s funny and are getting wrapped up in the joke.

|This gURL’s showed up at school with a hickey, and now everyone is freaking out. What should she do?|

No matter what it is, there’s no good excuse to do it. They’ll most likely feel terrible and apologize. But if they won’t quit it or are really aggressive with their behavior, then they’re clearly not very good friends.

What about you, gURLs? Have you ever gotten bullied about your body? Have you ever been the one doing the teasing? Share your stories and advice below!

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  • Faithgirl

    My boobs are bigger than the other girls’ in my class and I always try to hide my boobs. The thing is: I’m not that old and my boobs are just humps of fat with shy nipples (another insecurity) and the other girls have flat chests with a cute pair of nipples. I hate my nipples, darnnet.

  • sam

    I went through almost the same thing, except It wasn’t my friends doing the bulling it was this group of guys. In seventh grade I was a DD too but because I was literally the biggest girl in school everyone called me Double D. It was so frustrating! But what I’m trying to say is it gets better and that you shouldn’t be afraid of losing your friends because if they really were your friends they wouldn’t be hurting your feelings and posting stuff on face book. Plus once you get to high school It can get better, girls become more mature (most of the time 🙂 Yeah, actually for me It stopped around eighth grade and now I’m comepletly free from bulling so I hope everything works out for you. Because this can really ruin your self-esteem.

  • CutaayyLovableess :)

    If your so called friends are doing that they aren’t friends they’re assholes. Most of them are prob. jealous that your boobs are bigger. If you ask them to stop and they don’t move on bcuz real friend don’t act that way! I suggest hanging out wit peopel who dont participate in the ritual

  • Kelsey

    I have big boobs too. 38 DD. And I’m a dancer, one of my friends is constantly poking fun at my boobs too, but not yet to that extent. The best thing to do it to tell them to stop…