jenelle from teen mom 2 beats up a gURL. have you ever gotten into a fist fight?

are you team jenelle?

In case Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans didn’t have enough drama in her life with her mother and baby Jace, the MTV star was videotaped beating up another gURL.

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Says Pop Eater, Jenelle “is now under investigation by North Carolina’s Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department after a video of the young mom savagely attacking another girl hit the web. Jenelle was reportedly furious because she believed the woman had been flirting with her boyfriend.”

Do you feel bad for the gURL? Have you ever gotten into a physical fight? What happened? Share your thoughts and stories below.

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  • Sarah

    Jenelle is a hot mess. I watch Teen Mom all the time and over Kither? He's not worth it! Her mom is sort of a bitch but she's just trying to help Jenelle. She's told Jenelle countless times he is using her for money and he's a waste of time, but she told him "I'm not breaking up with him any time soon," and "He loves me." I'm pretty sure there's this thing called "lying". Every guy does it, even at others expenses. I feel bad for her but she's so stupid. Has a baby, isn't responsible, (her child's father and HER father) aren't in the picture, never takes care of her child, leaves her child with her mom to the point where the mom needs to have custody to legally take care of him all the time, goes out to parties, does drugs, steals her mom's credit card when her mom is having financial problems, goes out with a guy who nothing but trouble…all she needs to do next is get pregnant! Get yourself together, Jenelle!

  • Laura Taylor

    I think it is pretty sh##ty that a girl that has a baby is this inmature to beat down another girl over a loser guy and go to jail yeah she beat the girls a## because she didnt give the girl a chance and so yeah its all bullsh## if i was the other girl i would have pressed charges and made it to where she couldnt bond out of all the teen moms on tv jenella evans is the worst one she has never from day one taken care of jace at all. I am a teen mom of two kids and have been since i was 16 and i dont party because when you become a mother you have to throw all the inmature sh## out the door and all attention on your baby but as of jenelle she never did if it wasnt for her mother her baby would be in trouble. she needs to get her life straight and stop her stupid sh## and look at reality