Reader Hookup Confession: My Little Brother Hid in the Room While We Did It!

Always check for monsters AND little brothers.

Privacy with your sweetie is oh-so important. For a lot of gURLs, it’s the only time they can let loose and go wild. What would you do if you thought you were alone but really weren’t? Would you totally freak out? Read on to find out what this gURL did when she found out her and her boyfriend had some unexpected (and seriously unwanted) company!

“My boyfriend spent the night at my house last night. The lock on my room door is messed up so it doesn’t exactly lock, which is why we wait for everyone to go to bed before we do anything. So, when we thought everyone was sleeping, we started having sex. But in the middle of me being on top of him and going at it, the fan in my room just shuts off. Me and my bf knew something wasn’t right.

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Two seconds later, my 7-year-old brother comes running out from under my bed laughing. OMG, I could have died!

It was completely dark so he didn’t see anything, it’s just the fact that he pretty much heard everything. We weren’t really loud, but the creaking and stuff of my bed was. I told him that we were wrestling, I don’t know if hes buying that though. What would you guys do?”

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Have you ever fooled around while someone else was secretly in the room? What happened? How did you deal? And, want to share your own Hookup Confession? Send it in to!

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  • gurly_gurl07


  • juy

    i would be totally freaked out if I found out if my brother or sister saw me having sex even my mother of father for that fact

  • chattiekattie

    SCARRRYYYYYY, i would be paranoid!!!! I wold be like: “Forget that…wrestling never happened, ‘kay?”

  • Cynthia

    Calm down and make sure you have it somewher else!!!

  • chelisha


  • Crystal

    I’m feeling really sorry for you about this. I got told about sex from a friend when I was little but I wouldn’t really know at that age for sure.

  • evermore

    ok my little brothers are close to that the same age as yours just ask what he was doing and what he thinks happened then if hes right lie to him

  • Star

    lmao. when i was 7 i knew about sex. he definitely did not buy it.

  • kt

    omg that would of been weird i’m so sorry for ya

  • izzy

    omigosh that would be so embarrassing!!Im so sorry maybe he will believe your wrestleing story!But next time you may want to check your room..:p

  • L31L0N1

    hahahahahaha idk really know what to do cuz i dont have a bro but to be honest I will give him 20 bucks and tell him to keep quiet lol

  • Shy

    thats a weird story but what im worried about is how did you get your parents to let you have your bf over for the night? and the thing about your brother i think you should ask him what he thinks you were doing cuz a seven year old shouldnt know what sex is and after hes gives the rite answer ask who told him what that ment or what it is.

  • Brooke

    I think he bought it hes only 7. When I was 7 I didnt know what sex was so if i heard thos noises i wouldnt be very suspicious…

  • shania

    wellllll what i think you should do is ask the little boy what he thinks you were doing when he responds listen to what he had to say and make something up about it because when he grows up he's gonna figure out what he heard that night so its best if you make up a story.