discuss: how young is too young to wear a padded bra?

not for gURLs?

While we know boobs come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and everything else, it’s not uncommon for gURLs to wear padded bras for a little bit of oomph. But is it wrong?

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The Frisky points out that when companies like Abercrombie and Fitch sell padded bathing suits to gURLs, it adds to our over-sexualization. Lots of people argue that products with padding for are just plain bad for women and our body image.

Do you think it’s bad to wear a padded bra? Do you have one? Is there a certain age that’s just too young to start? Share your thoughts below!

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  • brenna

    I think that there is no age that you should start to wear a padded bra im 16 and i started wearing a tranning bra at 5 because i needed one i had buds and i started wearing a padded bra at 10 because that was the coverage i needed one when i was 12 and a half i sat down with my mom at the mall and asked her a question i asked her if i could wear a push up bra because all my friends had one and i was waaayyyy bigger then all of them and she said she would tell me after we ate she made up her mind i could have one so we went to the 2 places wear we bought bras so first we went to pink i was 34A and i had complaned to my mom that they wear to tight i got fitted and found out i was a 34B so we got like 5 push up bras one sale there and like 3 reaguler bras and 3 push up bras at arie because we would half to through out all my old ones so when i have a kid ill let her wear a training bra when ever she wants because it kind of doubles as a tanktop and i hated wearing thoughs but padded bras when she needs them and push up when we both feel the time is right

  • Abby

    I’ve been wearing training bras since the summer after third grade. I started wearing tank tops under my shirts at the beginning of third grade. I am eleven now, and almost at the end of fifth grade, and I really need a padded bra. My mom wants me to wear one, but I refuse to. I just wear layers of training bras and tank tops so you can’t see my nipples through my shirt. I have a padded strapless bra, and it makes me feel very self-concious whenever I wear it. It also doesn’t help that I’m a 28D. My friends are so flat-chested!

  • Katherine

    I’m 12 and got my first training bra at 11 (but needed a real bra at10!) and got my first padded bra a few months ago. I think it’s totally ok to wear a padded bra at even 9 years old. some girls might even need it at a younger age. all girls grow at different paces. if I had a daughter, I would let her start wearing a bra ( with no padding) when ever she wants just to let her feel comfortable in her own body. A padded bra? when ever she starts to grow a bigger nipple and a real breast that shows through her clothes. and this time could be from age 8-17.

    As for push up bras… maybe if she really wants to, but she should be comfortable with what she’s got!

  • Hey Its milly

    Hey im 13 and i Think Its totally ok to use a padded bra because it covers the shape of your nipples. Before I started using a padded bra, I used to feel very insecure using clothes with thin materials, because my nipples would show through. I bought my own padded bra at forever 21 (for about 8 bucks) because I was too shy to ask/ talk about it with my mother. I think that if your nipples show through thin materials (ex: sports bras/ tank tops) then you should definitely try a little padding

  • Ann

    im 14 and I just got mine yesterday – im a size b. but other girls began wearing wired non-padded bras at 11 and I even knew a girl who began wearing 1 at 9 (she probably started puberty early). I began wearing crop tops sports bras at 11 and wired ones and non wired bras a week before I turned 13. now, I wear padded bras as the non wired ones didn’t offer much support. but you need to wait until u have a growth spurt before wearing padded bras. I had mine at 12, and I grew 4 inches (I know that is a lot). im 5ft 6.5 now.

  • Xftcfvbhbnj

    Paded bras arnt about sex there about puberty ;

  • Xftcfvbhbnj

    I justbstarted wearing one and I am 10:)

  • jade

    I started wearing a bra when I was 12. It’s natural. I wore it because all the boys used to touch my boobs and squeeze them, but when i got a bra they could’nt feel my boobs anymore! At 12 I wore a padded bra since it held my nipples in and felt comfy. When i turned 17 I started wearing a push-up bra 🙂 . In my opinion its fine to wear a padded bra at 12 but not push-up until your much older, it’s innappropriate for your age.

  • delilah

    I got my first padded bra at 12 for my birthday but my mom doesn’t think padded bras are appropriate for my age and I’m 13

  • Sara

    I haven’t started wearing bras yet but I really think I should be. I’m really concerned because you can see my nipples through my shirt. I really want to talk to my mom about it but I just don’t know how to bring it up without it being to awkward. All of my friends have already talked to their mums about bras and everything and one of my friends even has a padded bra. What should I do?

    • Sugar Cookie

      You have no need to be nervous or scared,your Mum was a girl to! Try asking her when it’s just you and your Mum in the car, she is 1/2 concentrating on driving and 1/2 concentrating on you, so this should make it less awkward. It doesn’t matter if your friends all have padded bras, we all mature in our own time! If you are REALLY bothered about your nipples showing through your shirt, maybe ask for a lightly padded one, amd I mean LIGHTLY!! Hope this helps! 😀

  • Zoey

    I think girls shouldnt wear push-up bras till their older like, teens, but just a regular padded bra, when they need it. i dont see the problem with them. As for padded swimsuit i say the same thing applies,

  • Lekgowa

    as for me i dont have the problem.. but for those who do.. maybe it is a self cennidofce thing.. but as for the guys.. u know theres alot more to a woman than her breasts. There’s a heart that beats wildly for someone who cares for more about her than her body parts. Eyes that look back at you and may not particuarly like something about you.. but if u have a good personalitly and show some since of heart.. all goes well.. And on the other hand u know some girls just like the attention.. and never plan on letting u find out their secret.. so just avoid all that drama and find a woman ur interested in for who she is.

  • Abigail

    It depends if you have big breast at least a b then it’s totally perfect but I remember a girl in my class in 5th grade and this girl always wore a padded bra when she was completely flat an d me and my friends would always be annoyed and she would brag about having big boobs when she had nothing so don’t make your friends think of you as a slut 🙂

  • kbjhfg

    how are you to young to wear a padded bra? they question is do you actually need one. if you look in the mirrior and you can see the outline of your breast then i think you should get one. padded bras arent just cute or whatever, they actually support your boobs. if you really dont have any then i guess theres no need for one. but if there jiggling all over the place….what do you think

  • Lily

    i think they should where them when they really need it because if your little and flat chested it makes no sense.

  • Alyssa

    hey!!! i’m only 12 and i wear padded bras

    • Amanda

      I’m 11 almost 12 and I wear padded bras cuz they’re more comfortable. I see nothing wrong with it and neither does my mom

  • Elena

    I don't know how much of it is sexual, and how much is just practicality. Like, when I was 13 I was on the swim team and I didn't have a padded swimsuit, and you could always see my nipples. My second set of bras I ever got had to be padded because even when I'm not nipping out, they're still visible through ANYTHING.

    • Britany

      Well the thing is, this isn't a swimsuit or bra liner ( a thin pad that hides your nipples) it is a push out pad which is verry similer to stuffing your bra. The problem is that young girls just don't need to be worried if their boobs are big enough. They are kids and they just need to be that while they still can.

  • I started wearing bras when I was 10.You HAVE to wear a bra when you get boobs.It looks kinda bad if you don't. I don't know anyone who didn't wear a bra by age 10.

    It's not wrong..and sometimes it can be uncomfortable if you aren't used to it,so starting to wear one at a younger age can help.8-10 year olds typically don't think about swimming suits or bras as being sexual..it's just to cover you up and give you some support.Whoever thinks it adds to sexualization must have lost their mind deep in the gutter.Ugh -.- .Not everything is about sex,you know.

    • Nina

      I totally agree with you, everything is not about sex. I think younger girls who start wearing bras don't really have to get a padded one unless needed.

      • Jody

        All of you are absolutely right, it’s not always about sex, it all depends on the girl. Push-up bras aremt even always about sex. I’m 14 and I recently bought my first push-up bra. My mom was skeptical but she knows that I’m not tryin to be sexy. It just helps with confidence

    • Corinna

      I compleatly agree with you , It’s for comfort and practicality , not sex !

  • Donna

    I think they should wear them at whatever age they are comfortable with. And I thin onc they get older they have to wear them so they don't jiggle as much an aren't pointy.

  • cherese

    feel gurls should wear padded bras when they are at least 13 or so and apprecaite their bust size and also to prevent injury to their breast.

    • dayme

      That is wayyyyy to old like really I started wearing bras when I was like 9 and padded at like 10….I just turned 14 and if I didn’t start wearing padded BY age 11 it would’ve been bad….