cyber sex: joe jonas hates his thighs! do you know any body-conscious guys?

guys get self-concious, too!

It’s true that some celebs <3 their bods, but others are still struggling — guys included. Apparently, Joe Jonas is “worried about developing stretch marks and dimpling on his thighs, so he uses anti-cellulite cream”. Do you know any dudes who worry about their looks? [Hollywood Dame]

Ashley Fink can “act her face off” and won’t let anyone tell her that her size will hold her back! Swoon! [Seventeen]

Leave Rebecca Black ALONE! Lady Gaga is completely against the cyber-bullying the “Friday” singer is getting… and thinks the gURL is a genius! [PopEater]

Someone finally admits it! Vanessa Hudgens agrees that Hollywood success has a lot to do with staying thin thin. [Hollywood Life]

We guess Simon Cowell isn’t a fan of Gossip Girl (and especially not Pretty Reckless) – he doesn’t even know who Taylor Momsen is! [Wetpaint]

A Spanx-like product is promising “Latino” curves for gURLs… do you think the advertisement is racist? [Ology]

more ways to get gURLy:

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