The Alloy Click: check out katy perry as an alien babe!

JSYK, we’re part of the Alloy family (a.k.a. the people behind Gossip Girl, maybe you’ve heard of it?). Check out what our besties have been up to!

We <3 Katy Perry‘s wild “ET” fashion. Maybe we just have a thing for aliens… [Teen]

Chris Brown is “disappointed” in his behavior. We have so much in common, Chris! []

Wanna pick the brain of Cecily Von Ziegesar, author and mastermind of the Gossip Girl books? Here’s your chance! []

From Glee to Teen Mom 2, how much TV do you watch? Is it too much? []

Should Aria just dump Ezra already? WDYT? []

Can’t keep up with the twisted families on The Vampire Diaries? This handy family tree will clear a few things up. []

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