My Mom Found out I’m a Cutter and She Took Away All of My Stuff!

demi lovato used to have a cutting problem and she got help for it!

Hi Heather,

My mom recently found out I cut myself, and now (as me and my sister describe it) we’re in “maximum lock-down”. She took away my eyeliner, bracelets, and anything that could make me look like an emo or that could hide cuts and scars. HELP!

First of all, I’m really sorry that you feel the need to cut yourself. Even though your letter is all about your mom taking away your stuff, your self-injury is definitely the biggest issue at hand. By removing everything she thinks is associated with “cutting culture” (or, like you said, “anything that could make me look like an emo”), your mom is trying to help. Maybe what she’s doing will help, maybe it won’t, but just getting rid of your possessions and putting you on lock-down is definitely not the only way to handle things.

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I suggest you talk to a school counselor or a therapist about what’s making you cut in the first place. Self-harm is really serious (and sometimes even deadly) action, and one of the best ways to deal with what you’re going through is by talking about it. You can also check out the Cutting & Self-Mutilation Forum on the Shout Out Boards for support from fellow gURLs.

Once you get your recovery started, explain to your mom that your eyeliner and bracelets are just a way of expressing who you are, and have nothing to do with hurting yourself — as long as that’s the truth. Remember that she ultimately wants to help you because she cares about you. By talking with her and sharing what’s going on in your head, she’ll know exactly what you need for help.

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Let me know how it goes, okay?

WDYT gURLs? Have you ever cut? How did you stop? Did your parents find out? Share your stories and advice below!

take care,

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  • alexis

    i know it’s late to comment but i really want to say that if you pray to God for strength and to help you not to cut, he will help you. all you need is faith in him and in yourself that you can do this and you’ll try your best. i speak of experience. everyday i pray to God that he’ll help me to not cut and i haven’t cut in 2 months. good luck to everyone with this problem

  • Lottie

    Reading all these comments show that you have people who care about you, and wan to help!
    I used to cut – and I still sometimes do- and it definitely isn’t the right thing to do! Maybe you could try and spend time with your friends, or see somebody about your problem. Talking helps me, and hopefully it could help you too.

    If you ever need to talk to anyone, I’m always here ( tweet me; @JDB_Paynette )

    And remember to smile. I’m sure your smile is gorgeous <3

  • Jenni

    I Know were your moms aspect is coming from me and one of my freinds parents had to do te same thing.

    Trust me it is for your own good so stay strong

  • Lyric

    I cut and tell myself i wont do if again but end up doing it again. When my aunt (my current guardian) found out she took my phone, tv, and computer away. that didnt stop me. she was worried about me. i told her i wouldnt do it again. but occasionally i will find places to cut, like my legs. i say it was my razor which from now on it is, but it used to be like 20 cuts a day on my left wrist from my knife. now i have to find a way to stop. the cuts only come every once in a while now but i still feel the need to cut. its possible to slow it down a bit at a time, so i hope you can stop so that your parents don’t take your stuff. they only take you stuff away because they care about you. good luck.

  • Alyssa

    I used to be a serious cutter. My mom took away all my razers, and locked the knives away in a lock box. I didn’t stop there tho, I started using my fingernails. Trust me, that was the worst thing I could of done! The cuts got extremely infected, my mom and my docter decided to put me in a mental hospital. Once I got back I cut even more! Just to get back at her! I have been going to a therapist for a couple years now. It helps alot, I didn’t want to go, but she is so helpful! She helped me get thro my problems, like my dad telling me to my face that he didn’t want anything to do with me. A very helpful website to look up it, She Writes Love On Her Arms. It has helpful tips that we can use. The most helpful thing for me is music tho. A Black Veil Brides song (Carolyn) has “talked” me out of killing myself and cutting. I hope this was helpful! Remember, your not alone 🙂
    Stand Strong Sister,