cyber sex: Taylor Momsen auditioned for Hannah Montana (and wants everyone to get over it)

could you imagine Hannah with Taylor?

Taylor Momsen wants the world to know that yes, she did audition for Hannah Montana, and that she is so over talking about it. [Popdust]

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Lookie! A panda bear manicure — A pandicure! [The Frisky]

Is this Glee “audition” super weird? Uh huh. Do we love it? Totally. [The Daily What]

And finally, check out this awesome letter to a high school senior written by a college senior on College Candy:

By Jenn Inzetta

Dear Graduating High School Senior,

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you really need to chill out.

This whole choosing a college thing? Despite what your teachers tell you, despite what your parents tell you, despite what you have told yourself time and time again, it’s really not as big of a deal as you think it is. Just…trust me on this one.

Want to know how I know this privileged information? Well, because four short years ago, I was you. So I know exactly how stressed out you are, how worried you are that you will make the wrong decision, how upset you are that you didn’t actually get into your dream school, how upsetting it is to know that you did get into your dream school but you just can’t afford to go.

I won’t belittle your feelings. I know that right now these issues seem life altering. And to a certain extent they are. Whether you’re going to community college or a state school, living at home or moving halfway around the world, your life will be changing, simply because you’re going to college.

The how and the where and the why all seem really important right now. But this time next year, they just won’t. For those of you that have gotten into your dream schools and have the fundings to attend:  congrats. You will have an amazing college experience. But for those of you that didn’t, those of you who are left with fewer options than you thought you’d have, I’m telling you that all hope is not lost. You too, will have an amazing college experience.

That dream you have in your head of your perfect college life at the perfect school? That’s not real college life. Because college is not how you imagine it to be, no matter how you imagine it to be. It’s just one of those things; you’re not in it until you’re in it. And it doesn’t matter what you plan, or how you think it will go, it just won’t go that way. But that’s okay because your real college experience will be so much better than that.

You’ll take strange classes, some fun, some boring. You’ll meet new people. (Some of those will be fun, and some of those will be boring too.) You’ll have lots of new experiences, and you’ll change, grow, and hopefully figure out who you are and what you want. (Or at least which college stereotype you fit into. You’ll make friends you’ll never forget and memories you wish you could forget. You will screw up and second guess yourself, and change your major more times than you ever thought possible. And it will all be one giant mess of fun, crazy, ridiculous, life changing, mundane, unnecessary but yet still completely necessary experiences. And you will love it.

So don’t stress so much. Choose what feels right, do what you have to do it, and then let it go. Next year you’ll join some clubs, go to some parties, (hopefully) take some classes and things will start to make more sense. Well, no actually, for the first few weeks things will seem terrifying and horrible. But after that it’s all up hill.  So like I said, don’t stress it.

Jealously yours,

A soon to be college grad

P.S. If you really, really hate it, you can always transfer.

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