it’s time to talk about Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Do you feel bad for her?

So, we mentioned Rebecca Black’s “Friday” earlier this week, but considering the gURL now has 16.8 million views on YouTube (and counting!), it’s time we really talk about her song.

|Talk about the front seat, the back seat, and everything else on the Shout Out Boards!|

We say it’s catchy and harmless, and maybe just a little on the silly side. Around the Internet, however, people are seriously hating on the song, and now Rebecca is getting death threats!

The gURL herself told The Daily Beast that she saw sites like Yahoo! say her “Friday” was maybe “the worst song ever,” and people are saying horrible things to her all over Twitter.

|Like Rebecca, these celebs know that gURLs just wanna have f-u-n!|

People might have forgotten that Rebecca is a real gURL and that she may feel affected by what’s written about her. She says, “Those hurtful comments really shocked me…At times, it feels like I’m being cyberbullied.”

What do you think of “Friday”? Have you made fun of Rebecca Black? Spill below.

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  • The song is personally very annoying to me, but I don't understand why people are giving her death threats for making an honestly innocent song! It's not like she made fun of someone really loved. People are hating on her just because she made a bad song. I mean, I think it's a bad song, but giving her death threats? That's just cruel.

  • Brittany

    So I just watched the video, and I like it, but I saw some of the comments people posted and they are hateful…

    I don't understand how people get so upset over something someone says about them and so then they go say mean things to other people like Rebecca…Who did NOTHING wrong! I say give people chances, and don't give up!