Reader Confession: I Think I Have Two Vaginas!

Think you know the female anatomy? It’s not just one big hole down there. Check out why one reader is fuh-reaking out about what’s going on below the belt:

“Okay, so I know this is going to sound stupid. I looked for info online and there wasn’t much….

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Tonight I discovered another hole “down there”, now I know that vaginas have three (or is it two lol?) holes right? But I also know that there have been reports of women with two vaginas, some of those women were on the Tyra show like a year ago.

Anyways, I was fingering myself. And throughout the years I have always noticed a flap of skin next to the hole it has always weirded me out. I slip my finger to the left of that flap and pushed down and my finger went into space…like another vagina. It was tilted but it felt exactly the same as the right hole. It was deep…

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Am I just crazy and paranoid? Please help and tell me what you think.”

Have you ever found something weird with your body? Do you think you know what’s up with this gURL’s vagina? And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Josey

    do you still have a hymen? some women’s hymens have 2 holes instead of one . so maybe its ur hymen separating one vagina and making it appear as 2 sperate holes and when you have sex it will break and youll see you had one vagina all along.

  • Skandjxenfj

    Okay so are you born with the hole that you can finger yourself with ?

  • lily

    Down there you have three holes, one for urinating(peeing), your vagina, and than your Anus. You can’t stick your finger into your urinating hole, but you could into your anus and vagina. I think you just found your anus hole.

  • Caitlyn

    I think I have the same problem! I’ve noticed when I stick my finger in I have this weird flap and I can push my finger to either side! I’ve also noticed that when I use a tampon, it’s very difficult because it always goes to one side then it leaks out the other! I also have a very heavy flow and I’ve heard that’s another symptom of having two vaginas? I’m not sure if I should tell my mom or my doctor next time I go in or something because I’ve heard that there are millions of people who have had children and never even knew they had two vaginas!

    • jasmine

      thats practically the exact same with me i got pretty freaked out when i first found it and im not sure what to do

  • JS Parthasarathi

    It is very rare. The girl should not get discouraged. Many male & female wanted to see two holes making the girl porno centric.

  • TAiiHunz

    Why do you masturbate to me its so gross it ain’t funny

    • Lori

      why is it gross to you? its a part of your body, it should be clean and its a good way to explore. I mean, how can a guy know the right way to please you when having sex (dont know if you are or not, just saying) if you kinda dont know yourself?

    • chattiekattie

      i don’t know. Some girls want that satisfaction.

  • Abbie

    why did you use a giraffe as a pic for this?

    • bubblez

      becuase giraffes don’t have 3 horns, they have 2

  • Kayt

    It is actually real. I was looking for a website for a 14 year old to help with her period problem when I stumbled upon your comment. The vagina is one hole, but there is a separate hole called the urethra (where you pee) and of course the anus (where you poop).

    I am a 23-year-old and when I was about 20 I took my first trip to the gyno. After tons of poking and probing 🙁 she told me to talk to her in her office. So, after tons of diagrams and explanations of cells developing in the fetus, I was diagnoses as having two vaginas. Apparently, most girls break down and think they are deformed and my comment was "I saw that on Grey's Anatomy!" It is possible and according to my gyno, not uncommon. Because several different kinds of cells have to develop properly during development, it is not uncommon for them to become slightly off. This is definitely something to look into with your doctor, but it is certainly not scary. For some it does cause a tiny bit of difficulty when you first try to have sex (but your gyno can tell you how to make that much easier) and it may be difficult to give birth but that too can be helped. I wish you luck and remember to tell your doctor about your concerns. It really isn't scary 🙂