My BFF Says She’s Not Bi… Then Why Are We Hooking Up?

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Dear Heather,
I have a best friend who I think I like. I’m bi and she’s a girl too. She said she was bi before but now says she’s straight. We were bored and started making out one day and I mean whenever we’re alone we lay on each other and hold each other. I cant tell what’s going on with us…or what to do. HELP!!!

It’s really great that you have another gURL who you can fool around and explore your sexuality with, but I would take her word seriously. Just because she’s hooking up with you does not make her bi. She may just like how it feels and want attention, or maybe she wants to make you feel good and wants your attention in particular. It sounds like she might think of this as a friends with benefits situation. See my post from yesterday on how to deal with that!

If it’s too much for you to handle and you think you’re falling for her, then you should stop these intimate hang outs. You’re only hurting yourself by letting her lead you on. Talk to her about it, though. Maybe she is having different feelings. But if she says she’s not bi, then try to not get your feelings crushed and stop hooking up.

|Just what does bisexuality entail exactly? Get the Fast Facts, here!|

Have you ever experimented with another gURL only to find you weren’t gay or bi after all? Tell me about it, gURLs! Share your story below.

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  • SweetHeartedSweetie

    I’ve made out wih my bestfriend before. we ere bored anad both had naver done it so we secided e should practice. We made out and did other things. We humped and I let her eat me out. What shoud I do? We ahve been friends since kindergarden and now we dont know what we are doing. We even made out with ur othr freind! But none of us are bi!

    • LolzChick

      WOW! I’m bi and I think your story is sexy. I wish I knew one of you girls

      • Alexa

        I’m bi to

  • Leah

    i know how you feel, i=me and my friend one day started making out and then she started going further and started stroking my breasts. i mean i liked it, does it make me bi?

    • CutaayyLovableess :)

      I don’t think your bi. Unless of course u want to do that allllll the time and find girls and boys attractive. I have done the same thing as you minus the breast stroking lol. It feels kinda well…… awesome. Me and mii bestiee just made out on top each other. Everything stayed on!

  • nunna business

    thats juss gross!!!! get a hold of your life, you slut!

    • ReallTalkk

      Omg that doesn’t makee her a slut! Just cuz u cant even get a guy don’t hat cuz she can get both guys and girls so what the hell? I’ve made out with girls it fun even if u arent bi u just feel wild like every girl wants to feel<3

  • Jenni

    I was in the same place in febuary, but hopefuly you will be as luky as i was and your freind was sayng she was straight as a joke

  • ledgeles

    the same thing happend to me and she got one of dads apartment just so we could go there and you no. then she started buying sex toys and brought 2 more girls from a chatline there!!

    • Iluvteddies

      No offense ledgeles but your friend is sick!!!

      • lily

        REALLY!!! '=[

        • Abi

          Same thing happened here! But im not bi…..just my friend. One day shes bi, and the next she's not! Guessing she just wants attention……