justin bieber posts a vid of a gURL cutter and speaks out

can you relate?

While Justin Bieber hasn’t officially commented on the JB cutter, today he tweeted about self-mutilation and bullying after watching a heartbreaking vid about a gURL who cuts.

|Are you a cutter looking for support? Get help (and lots of love) in the Shout Out Boards.|

Reports JSYK: “Justin saw this [the video below] and felt that it was important to share with all of his fans. ‘Think before you say something hurtful to someone else…It may look like they’re ok but they’re not. Words are more powerful than you think.'”

Here’s the emotional vid that inspired the Biebs to speak out:

WDYT of this gURL? Can you relate to her? Sound off below.

more ways to get gURLy:

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  • Henk

    All for the attention…

    • Sophia

      If self harm was for attention, we’d do it in front of your face.

      We wouldn’t barricade our bedroom door, lock the bathroom door, cover it with long sleeves, do it places no one would think of looking, look so ashamed when you asked to see it, be so socially aware of ourselves, be laughing one second then silent the next or keep everything from you if it was for ‘attention.’

      It just so happens you found out, probably from an accident, don’t get involved.

  • Lasse Christensen

    Hello you! never cut youself again! If you feel sad or somthing you can come home to me in Denmark, because i wanna give you so many hugs!!! :* You are a very pretty girl!
    Denmark likes ya!

    • Julie

      Seriously! You cant just tell someone to stop cutting! Its addicting! Trust me I know. Because I am also one of those who Are trying to stop cutting..
      P.S. I live in Denmark too 😀

  • riah n coco

    I heard that cutting yrself is why people make fun of yu

    • Trouble~

      people make fun of you even if u dont… then tht is when ppl usually start cutting

  • asddfff

    I heard she killed herself 3 days after making this video. :/

    • zach

      Yeah I hear alot of things.