do you think it’s weird to post pregnancy test results online?

is this "nuts"?

People are just getting clued into the idea of gURLs posting their pregnancy tests online. And what they have to say about it is pretty rude.

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Slate magazine calls videos where women post themselves finding out that they’re pregnant WombTube, and says, “I will admit that at first I thought all of these people were, well, nuts. I still might. I can’t entirely understand why someone would post her pregnancy results for the world to see.”

Would you, or have you, ever posted pregnancy results online (like on the Shout Out Boards)? Or do you think it’s weird? Share your thoughts below.

more ways to get gURLy:

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  • I don't understand what the problem is…? If someone is uncomfortable watching a woman's reactions to seeing her pregnancy test, then don't watch the video. I'm sure the video is labeled "pregnancy test reaction" or something like that. So it's not hard to avoid them.

    Some people like to keep everything private, some people are open books, and some people are somewhere in between. The people who share these videos are simply sharing their happiness (or sadness, depending on the result) with other people. It may also be part of a trying to conceive blog.

    If someone finds this too personal, then don't record and share it… or don't watch someone else's video. *shrug*