discuss: the charlie sheen drama. have you ever felt like you were going crazy?

do you feel bad for him?

If you’ve been on the Internet or turned on a TV or basically talked to anyone at all in the past week, you’ve probably noticed that Charlie Sheen has been having a very public… breakdown? Breakthrough? You tell us.

|Do you think you might be depressed? Get the facts on those sucky emotions.|

TMZ has a complete account of everything going on with the Two and a Half Men (former) star, from his intense tweets to all of his press drama. Charlie keeps saying that he’s doing great and adding “#winning” to basically everything he writes, but it’s pretty clear that he’s not okay.

How do you feel about all of this stuff? Is Charlie really winning? Have you ever felt like you were going crazy? Share below.

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  • Jennifer

    No My Charlie is not going crazy, He is all MAN! in more ways then one, and YES! I’m still MADLY! and HOPELESSLY! in LOVE! with Him, and YES! He’s also still SO HOT! and SO GORGEOUS! to Me ever since I DEVELOPED! a HUGE! and MASSIVE! CRUSH! on Him in Platoon, He knows He will always have a MAJOR! fan in Me, don’t even get Me started on what I’d LOVE! to do to Him and have in My dreams, HEY! HOT! STUFF! SEXY! THING! BABE! I will always LOVE! YOU!!!!!