gURL crush: Amanda Seyfried

The gURL has kissed celebrities we dream about (Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake, Channing Tatum, Megan Fox, Alexander Skarsgård, her latest co-star in Red Riding Hood Shiloh Fernandez , to name a few.), traveled the world for her job  (Italy, Greece, France, Japan, etc.),  and is a multi-talented singer, song writer, actress and dancer…we should be jealous of Amanda Seyfried, but nope. We’ve just got a Big (Love) gURL crush on her.

“I’m an actor. I’m not a socialite. I’m playing a character, I’m playing versions of myself. For me it’s important to be a chameleon. I like challenging people’s perceptions. That’s the trick. It’s like a game,” Amanda’s said. Well played!

|Say, how’d Seyfried get that bod and achieve such a strong body image? Click here!|

And in this month’s issue of Elle, Amanda opened up about having her heart broken, which, for those of us who’ve been thre, know that it’s not easy to get over a dude who cheats on you.

But you won’t see her rebounding with gurls (Dang!). “I had to kiss Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body, and it was not very comfortable at all. I did it because that was what the story was about, but it’s awkward being with a women in that way, trying to make it look natural. I had to do it again with Julianne Moore in Chloe and somehow it was easier with her, but it still felt really strange.”

And the Mean Girls star isn’t totally daft when it comes to the elitism that is the celeb world. “Hollywood is just like high school. The popular people only like the other popular people. And the thing is, some people aren’t nice – or they’re nice, but only to your face, not elsewhere.”Yea, we can commiserate.

Are you a fan of Amanda’s too? What’s your favorite movie of hers? Will you go see Red Riding Hood this weekend? Tell us below.


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