Reader Hookup Confession: I Cried when I Farted in Front of My Sweetie!

Caught in the act!

When you get intimate with your partner, feeling safe is key to a comfortable and happy experience. But some things are mortifying no matter how safe you feel! Like this gURL’s experience! Read on!

I had had sex with a long term boyfriend two years before I met my current boyfriend, but never liked it. When I met my current bf, I realized how great sex can really be. We had been dating for 8 months so I felt safe and happy when our first time came around. In fact, I couldn’t get enough and we experimented in a lot of different positions and had lots of fun for the next few weeks. We tried so many different things and felt like we knew everything about each other!

But one time, I felt like I really had to go – number 2. But we were in the moment, the condom was on, I didn’t want to excuse myself. There was a lot of bouncing and it actually hurt my abdomen a lot. It felt so bloated! When he finally came and pulled out, it was like he unplugged an overfilled pool raft and I let the most massive fart rip. I didn’t know I could make farts that big! There was a moment of shock. He stared at me.  I stared at him.  And after a few seconds of more staring, I burst out into tears. It was awful! I had never felt more embarrassed. He started laughing, wanting to high five me as if I were a dude. But I cried and just ran to the bathroom and stayed there until he finally pleaded that it was cute and that I should come out and that it made him love me more. But at that point, I was crying for a different reason — because I was so lucky to call him my BF.

Have you ever farted in front of your sweetie? What happened? And, want to share your own Hookup Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Christine

    awwww i think thats soooo sweet (:

  • Grace

    omigosh, I hope me and my bf would be like that (when I get one!!)me and one of my BFF’S high-five each other whenever we burp!!! 🙂 <3 it's so funny!

  • chelisha

    ur bf is sooo cute totally perfect 4 u. u guys are the best match. hope us gURLs will be invited to your wedding 🙂 <3

  • Nicole

    aw haha!

  • Sonia

    i fart daily on the face of my BF

    • Amy Gibson

      haha i farted in my ex bfs open mouth once hhaha!

  • gingy

    AWE! i fart in front of my babyboo too, and he farts in front of me….. my gosh… ut we love eachother we just laugh, he was the 1 that farted first n it was hilarious.. its ok honey! we all fart!

  • aliyah

    this has never happened to me and it’s so funny XD but anyway i guess it would be pretty embarrassing. i can tell because you never know what response you’ll get back, cause it’s like facing rejection and there’s no way you can stop it. but hopefully if you have the right one and he’s mature enough to take it and to know that he does it to… XDD LOLZ.

  • jackie

    omg iv had a similar experience but in the middle of when we were having sex i queefed on him!!!!!!! i was on top tooo and i was so emberessed i didnt want to continue buhh he just laughed and said it was cute and that he loved me so so so so much<3 im so lucky i have him in my life and when i read your story i laughed and thought it was cute(:

  • Ellie

    Same situation happened to me but, we weren't having sex, I was just on top of him

    But, when that happen he kind of was shocked but, I was so embarassed as well!

    As to this day we fart in front of eachother and we both don't mind. lmao!