nicki minaj doesn’t care if you think she’s a lezzie

got a problem with nicki? too bad!

Nicki Minaj wants to build up female solidarity in rap, and doesn’t care if she’s perceived as a lesbian because of it.

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Says the singer, “The way I rap is the way I speak, it’s conversational. I try not to limit what I put in my raps. People can take from my raps whatever they want to take out of it. When I say, ‘My bad bitches’ or comment on a girl, I think I should be able to say women are beautiful and I don’t have a problem with that.”

<3 that feminist attitude. Nicki also went on to say, “If you want to read more into it, then that’s on you. Maybe it makes a better fantasy in your brain, but I just do what I do. That’s the way I speak. I like to compliment girls and make them feel proud and make them feel better about who they are, no matter how they look.”

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And about her booty-lovin’ relationship with Rihanna: “[She] heard my song, ‘Fly’, and loved it. She sang it beautifully, so now when I see her she of course teasingly fondles me. She fondled me at the MTV Awards and the American Music Awards. I love her…She’s the best fondler ever because security didn’t hem her up and she left to tell about it!”

How do you feel about Nicki? Are you a fan of her music? Discuss below!

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  • kayla

    nicki minaj is right i think people who think she is a lez should jump of a bridge somewhere i think shes right bye the way nicki minaj is my favorite rap celebritie