i hate my too skinny body! how do i gain weight?

Dear Heather,
I’m 17 and I’m really skinny. I weigh a little over a hundred pounds. I really hate my body sometimes and I can’t even wear the clothes that I really want to because I feel so ugly in them. My legs and arms are like twigs and I have a really slim torso. I’m always wearing jeans because it seems like every time I show off my legs, I get a lot of stares. I just don’t feel comfortable with my body AT ALL and I really want to gain weight. I want to gain at least a little weight by prom (which is in a month) so I won’t look like a complete anorexic twig in my dress. Also, for future purposes, so I can wear the clothes that I like and not jeans all the time. Is there any way I can gain some weight?

In a country that seems obsessed with losing weight, with people who freak out about being unhealthily fat, it can be pretty hard to be on the opposite end of the body image spectrum. But, you’re not alone. Many people feel this way at different times in their lives, and you don’t have live with these bad feelings.

|Seriously, everyone has had self-conscious body hang ups, including Vanessa Hudgens. She dished exclusively to gURL!|

The key is learning how to change your attitude about your body, not changing your actual body or looks. If you’re unhappy with your eyes, getting different colored contact lenses probably won’t solve your problem. That said, even if you scarfed a weight gaining supplement every day of the week and packed on the pounds, you might find something else with your bod that you’re not as happy with. That leads to an endless, painful, and expensive quest to change your body, piece by piece, instead of accepting the way you look.

As for your clothes, I know it’s hard not getting to wear what you want. But there’s not a single gURL on the planet who I’ve met who can wear anything they want (seriously, even models!). Everyone has a hang up of some sort (real or exaggerated in their heads) that will keep them from wearing different kinds of clothes.

|Ever heard that phrase “laughter is the best medicine?” Maybe this can help your skinny woes.|

But to answer your question: Yes, there are safe ways to gain weight, and you can sit down with a nutritionist or your physician to find out what’s the best way for you. But either way? I’m pretty sure you’ll look amazing at prom! I hope you’ll send pics!

What about you, gURLs? Have you ever hated how you looked? How do you get over it? Share your advice!

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  • Talia

    To get bigger arms and breasts pushups are the best because they build on the muscles (obviously) in your arms but also you pectorals which are under you breasts making them bigger. To get a bigger butt do your squats! I know a lot of people think these are only for people who are overweight but they actually make your but bigger! As for everything else eat more frequently, choose nutrient-rich foods, drink lots of smoothies and shakes (ADD PEANUT BUTTER), and don’t be afraid to go a little over board on carbs as they help you gain weight. But most of all drink lots of water because it is great for your mind, body and skin. Stay strong <3 Good luck!

  • Mr. Tj

    I’m also too thin and im 17 years old guy weights only 103 pounds. I get very embrassed infront of girls cuz when i wear tshirt it doesn’t look nice on my. Im too having thin forearms and wrist like a child. Im getting tied of this. Plz suggest some idea

  • Antonina

    I am 19 and i look like 10. Some boys like me, i don’t know why. But my body is too small. And all girls seems to have a crush on me!! First everyone like to lift me and hug me and almost girls. Why?