does youtube encourage cutting? this study says y-e-s

look familiar?

According to a new study, YouTube is becoming a resource for cutters. Because of a huge rate of public self harm videos being uploaded, researchers are saying this is “an alarming new trend among youth and young adults and a significant issue for researchers and mental health workers.”

|This gURL cut herself over Justin Bieber!|

Reports JSYK, “When you search ‘self harm’ on YouTube, over 5,000 related videos pop up, some of which may trigger cutting, burning, picking or other forms of self-injury. The report says that an estimated 14-24 percent of teens engage in this behavior, which is also known as ‘non-suicidal self-injury’ or NSSI.”

Have you ever watched cutting videos online? Do you think it promotes self-mutilation? Comment below!

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  • I actually found this more etnetraniing than James Joyce.

  • XxPlasticSmilesxX

    I think it does and doesn't at the same time. it mainly only affects the people with a weak will.