Exclusive: Beastly Star Vanessa Hudgens Confesses She’s Been Insecure! Find out Which Body Part Caused Her Agony!

hard to believe that those stems made Vanessa wilt!

It’s so easy to look to celebs to be perfect. And even if they kinda are, they, like us, are totally privy to moments of insecurity and self consciousness too. Beastly starlet Vanessa Hudgens confessed exclusively to gURL that she wasn’t always so happy with her now-gorgeous legs.

“I grew up dancing a lot so I was very self-conscious of my, as I would call them,  ‘tree trunk’ legs because they were very muscular. Legs become very muscular when you’re dancing a lot, like every day, and I did not appreciate that at the time. Now I’ve learned to appreciate them and love them. ”

|Another point of self consciousness for every person on the planet (we bet even Vanessa’s co-star Alex Pettyfer)? Acne. Here’s how to deal.|

Ahh! Victory for Vanessa! We’re so glad V-Hudge got over her hang up on her stellar stems–but getting over an insecurity or self-consciousness isn’t always so easy.

How do you turn off that voice in your head that tells you you’re anything less than rad? Share your tips below!


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