Emily’s Guide To A Zit Free Face

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  • Sarah A.

    I’ve had acne since 3rd grade, yeah, no kidding. Birth control cleared it up, I barely broke out, but since now I’m in Saudi Arabia, and I’m not married, I don’t have access to that, and am now back to fighting it. I use Retinin A, it helps, but it drys out my skin. I clean my face, and I drink plenty of water, I exercise (usually) 4 times a week, and I try to watch my diet. My forehead (even though I use head bands to keep hair away) and chin area all around my mouth, constantly break out, in clusters. I can’t wait to get back to the USA and get back on BC, I know mine is hormonal, I’ve gotten body hair, odor, pimples, etc much sooner (like I got armpit hair around 2nd grade kinda thing) than most people should. It’s so frustrating, because I don’t like using tons of makeup on my actual face, and I have to to cover up the redness, or the purple scars that take months to fade :[ I’m considering asking for a higher dosage of Retinin A. I’m on the lowest at the moment. Any other ideas?

  • sylest

    i usually dont get many zits, and ive never had a breakout…..oooops hopeflly i didnt jinxs it………but when i do get a zit it is really big and can be vey painful!! πŸ™ but thanks for the tips im sure they’ll help a TON!! πŸ™‚ oooo i got a tip that helps to…….if you rub some tomato juice on your zits before you go to bed it makes your skin soft and reduces the size and redness of your zit…(just make sure to wash the juice off a few mins after putting it on!) πŸ™‚

  • Emily

    Hey guys, I thought I’d mention that my art blog URL changed to http://www.smemirly.tumblr.com. (used to be empoole.tumblr.com) Incase any of you were interesting in looking!


  • Sky

    Does water actually help? Like is it really that simple?? (Plus washing, I gots this down.)

    • Emily

      Drinking water does help a lot. I don’t think it’s enough to help by itself, though.
      Water, combined with what I said in the comic SHOULD help. (Also, avoid pop/soda. So water should be what you mainly drink.)
      Though, sometimes PMS will take over and I’ll end up with zits no matter how hard I try to keep my skin clean. (but now that I think of it, it might have been the chocolate and the chips… haha)

  • Clara


  • Emily

    Nicole: You’re welcome! I’m so glad the tips are helping πŸ˜€
    I don’t really have many acne scars myself, but I read that it can cause scarring from making it bleed. I think you’d realllly have to be over-doing it to make a scar, though.

    Taylor: That’s great that your mom’s going to help you with that πŸ™‚

    Aliyah: Yeah, my mom always told me to drink lots of water and to not lean my face on my hands. That actually makes a huge difference!

  • aliyah

    yea the Girl that kept denying the rules yea that’s kinda me O.O and my parents always told me drink lots of water stop drinking all that soda keep your hands off your face.

  • Taylor

    I have acne like crazy, erggg, lucky me? I know! πŸ˜€ I can’t get rid of them at all, my mom is going to take me to a dermatologist because of it. :\

  • Nicole

    Thanks SOOOO much!!!!! I have had acne since i was in 3rd or 4th grade πŸ™ and it was been a living hell for me. These tips have helped so much. I never knew making it bleed can cause scarring?

  • Lylah: Thanks! Yeah, I'm glad to say my skin's improved since grade 6 as well haha.
    Sam: Good to know! Thanks.
    I have always washed my face morning and night, and it never made a difference for me. But that's a good warning for people who might have that problem! πŸ™‚

  • Sam

    Actually you should only wash your face once a day, not twice. Washing twice makes you oilier.

    • Rosie

      no. you should actually wash your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep. So that is twice a day!

  • Lylah

    O.m.g that was soo good, good job i can totally relate i was 11 and had the same problem. I did the same things and they helped alot.:)

  • lala

    drink cucumber juice or celery or wheatgrass and coconuts!

  • Thelma Emem

    drink lots of water