cyber sex: are “fat” shows bad for body image? do you know any flexisexuals?

it worked for gaby...

Do you think shows about weight loss are helpful or hurtful? Gabrielle from I Used to Be Fat seems happy, but what about people who can’t keep off the lbs? Do you get frustrated or inspired watching people’s journeys? [College Candy]

Ever heard of flexisexuality? It’s a term used for gURLs who like kissing other gURLs, but are only really interested in having relationships with boys. Apparently celebs like Katy Perry are behind it… are you? [Queerty]

News we <3: Study finds that a loving partner can help you become a better person. Think it’s true? [The Frisky]

This celeb admits what we already know: it’s Ok to be weird. [Teen]

You know all about the shoe designing contest (right?!), but what about Project Sock? Get on it! [LittleMissMatched]

And lastly: Is Justin Bieber going to quit singing to become a baller? Yup, it’s rumored that he wants to be a a basketball player! We’ll see. [JSYK]

more ways to get gURLy:

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