i messed up big time. how do i get my parents to trust me again?

look familiar?

Dear Heather,
I had a party at my parents house when they weren’t home. It got way out of hand. Too many people there drinking. They made two holes in my walls. My yard was driven over in the winter. The shed keys were stolen, along with my dad’s wedding band and my mom’s diamond earrings. I have spring break in ten days and I’ll have to go home and see my parents. My mom said she can’t talk to me for awhile. What do I do to show them I am really really sorry for what happened?

I’ve got a feeling your parents care way more about you betraying their trust then they are about their physical possessions. No matter how sorry you are, gaining trust back from someone you’ve wronged is really difficult– but it can and, in your case, probably will happen.

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You can show them how sorry you are in lots of ways. If your mom doesn’t want to talk to you, try writing them a hand-written letter apologizing for having a party. Offer to pay for the damages, try to replace the stolen items, and promise to work in any capacity you can to show how much you regret your actions.

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It’s also a good idea to show your parents that you’re ready to be a responsible adult, and that this was a one-time mistake. Think about how they normally evaluate you. Are they big on good grades? Work your butt off in school. Do they bother you about going to religious services? Go with them this week.

Forgiveness will take time, so do your best to be patient. And try not to be too hard on yourself–you’re not the first gURL in the world to mess up.

Let me know how it goes, okay?

Do any other gURLs out there have advice for her? Have you ever seriously broke your parents trust? What happened?

take care,

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