gURL crush: amazing actresses who should really win an oscar!

gURL crush alert: lusting for Emma Stone, too?

Award seasons are always so over-hyped and we’re always surprised that some of our favorite actresses don’t get nearly the credit or hype they deserve! It does make it kinda hard to tune in and care! But why settle for their opinions?  After all, we did see some pretty amazeballs movies in the past year, and especially some all-the-more-amazeballs performances from some really talented actresses!

This week’s gURL crush is dedicated to the leading ladies and indie actresses in Hollywood who we think deserve Academy Awards and more for their brave roles and uber-gURLiness!

First up?

Well, just click here to find out which gURLy gURLs we think will be collecting the statues for decades to come!

Do you agree with our picks? Think we left someone out? Tell us who you think needs to load up on some deserving statues in the comments below!!

– gURL

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