How Can I Stop My Periods? I Can’t Stand Them!

Hi Heather,
What can I do to stop my periods? I’ve been to a doctor and she said only contraception will stop them, and it isn’t for a long term basis. She said I can’t get it unless I need it which I never will. (I’m gay.) I really can’t cope with them, and I’ve always had a problem with them. I wondered if you’d have any advice on what I could do next, or if there was any other way to stop them.

Periods aren’t exactly fun. For any gURL. And if you don’t plan to reproduce, I can imagine that they seem like a major inconvenience that can also be painful and have emotional effects, too.

Your doctor is only kind of right. Contraception doesn’t stop your period. Contraception is a term used for anything that prohibits pregnancy, which is also called birth control. This includes condoms, female condoms, diaphragms, etc.

|So is there a difference between contraception and birth control? Totally! Read up on it!|

But that’s not to be confused with Birth Control pills which is a form of contraception through hormone therapy. There are birth control pills and injections that can limit your period to a few times a year with some minor spotting at times. No, they won’t get rid of your period forever, but they’ll make them far less frequent. However, there are side effects, physical and mental, that you’ll want to consider before you start on hormones.

You may also want to ask a (different) doctor about getting an IUD, or an “intrauterine device.” IUDs are small devices that are planted in your uterus by a doctor that’s made of flexible plastic. There are two brands of IUDs available: the ParaGard, which is made of copper which can stay in the body for up to 12 years and Mirena which releases a small amount of hormones and is replaced every 5 years. Here’s the part you’ll like: According to, on average, menstrual flow is reduced by 90 percent. For some women, periods stop altogether. The cost for the medical exam, the IUD, the insertion of the IUD, and follow-up visits to your health care provider can range from $500 to $1,000, but realize that it does last 5-12 years, and one would easily spend that taking the pill in the same time period.

|Have you watched Menstruation: The Movie? gURL, get on that! Watch it now!|

If those options don’t work out, then your period is just the blessing/curse that is being a gURL. And who knows? Maybe one day, farther off than you can imagine, you will want those eggs for something.

In terms of dealing with your period, I’m going to leave that advice to the gURLs. So gURLs, what are your tips for dealing with your period? I’d love to hear your ideas.

take care,

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  • Govindaraj Rajagopal

    Please help for me how to postpont my girl friend periods-This month she got period on 28th,if she get same day on next mont we would be in problem because on same day our marriage is fixed, she has to use tablet (what kind of tablet) or will tablet would create problem for her health and baby formation.

  • Nicole

    Hey y’all. I need some help. So im 17 and I’ve been on my period for the past month and a half. Like.. for the past 6 months my period has been really irregular. Sometimes it’ll last for 3 weeks and im on my period now and i cant seem to stop. I told my mom but she keeps saying that she’s not taking me to the doctor for that. What do I need to do considering she won’t take me to the OB/GYN?!?!?!

  • markayla

    Hi I’m 16 andd yes I’m a virgin
    I hatee my periods because they last to 7/6 days which is way to long
    For mee andd I never told my mom about not wanting them I’m afride she may think I’m having sex which I’m not but its way to embarrsing to bring it up to her because she may have second thoughts about my life..

  • Abby

    There is always the depo shot which is every three months and the only downside to the Mirena is the putting it in part by the doctor. 🙂

    • Gemma

      But it doesn’t stop periods Abby I’m on the depo and I’m bleeding after intercourse :-/ weird right yeah I know

  • rachel

    im 13(nearly 14)
    i started hanging around with older boys (about 3 years older) and i went out with one of them for about 5 months. we were very full on and had sex about 4 weeks into the relationship.we had it about twice a week for quite a while and he told me not to use protection so i got pregnant. i lost the baby 9 weeks on but he started blaming me and spreded rummors that i was a prostitut. i want him back but he wont even look at me. how do i get him back ? x

    • Theresa

      Don’t bother getting him back, move on with your life. It will be painful to not talk to this guy anymore since he took your virginity and whether or not you think its a big deal. I lost my virginity at 14 and I didn’t realize until a few years later how much of a big deal it really was.

      You need to keep yourself safe and healthy, you are too young to take on the responsibility of a child, since you are a child yourself. I’d personally say either stop having sex altogether or be responsible if you are going to do it. But personally, I’d say you are already damaged emotionally from what happened in this situation.
      Take the time to get to know yourself before you sleep with anyone else.
      Don’t feel pressured and don’t do it because without thinking and knowing what the consequences are.

    • Faye

      Hey gurl I really hope u read this. Well u really shouldn’t go bck to him. He only used you for sex if after the baby died he left you. To stop the rumors just play back. Of that’s what he’s saying then tell everytime that he made you do it and then left you when you got pregnat. Again he’s no good but if you really have to have him back all you can do is talk to him. Byee

  • linzie

    I am 18. My period the maximum would last about 4 days. Is that normal? I thought about taking birth control.

  • Marie

    So I need birth control because when i have my cramps and stuff i can’t move. it hurts waaayyy to bad. like i just got stabbed 3 times. but how do i explain to my mom that i need them for my period and not sex???!! I have a older boyfriend soo….

  • mj

    i started takeing birth controle and my periods are way more tolerable and alot shorter. befor bc my periods lasted 7 to 8 days with very heavy flow. my cramps would start 24 hours befor i spoted and would last till day 5 or 6 of my flow now that im on bc my periods last 2 to 3 days occationaly 4 and my cramps only happen for a few hours on day one. it was offal i would misss days of school becuz it was so bad and i dont miss school for much. what helped was ibuprofin which is a anti inflamitory and i would put heat packs on my abdomin. i had a few little ones that i culd tuck in my waistband or under a belt so i culd wear them in public without to many ppl seeing them. hot packs for sore muscles also sister on the other hand used ice packs so i guess it depends on the person.

  • Kate

    Midol and situps are the cures to my cramps. But my cramps usually only last for the first day before they die off.

  • emily

    I get really bad periods, usually around the 4th day i will get this thing where my face goes completely white and I have to throw up. It is so HORRIBLE!!

  • erica

    dear heather,

    i am a 12 year old who hates sex ed because my 8th grade bf ( im a 6th grader )

    has asked to touch me and i have let him but not down there but my boobs and when ever we talk about sex they bring up negitivity and they make it seem we should be ashamed but im comfy in my body so i dont care if he touches me i trust him and we have promise rings and im not easy so should i be ashamed for doing that my mom dosent care as long as his hands dont go to far down i love myself and hm so what should i feel ?!?!?!

    is sex good or bad easy as that !!!

    • natalie

      sex is good but not for a 12 yr old i hate to sound like the mean older person r whatever but slow down u can b comfy in ur body but at that age only thing on boys mind is sex. if u not old enough to take care of a child u shouldnt have the motions of making one .U ARE A CHILD. im 18 in college two hours away from home have a car, a job, and an apartment and im on birth control cuz i know i child will mess up my life i can barely take care of myself i need my parents help so i know u cant take care of yourself. you r a baby u have a lot of time for that. y rush?

      • Nety

        Then don’t have sex if a child will mes up ur life….
        They are blessings!!!!

    • LAUREN

      OMG YOUR 12!!! GO BE 12!

    • mj

      way way way to young for sex you dont need to be thinking about that. if you axidently become pregnant your life is going to be super messed up and think of it this way imagin being your, when your graduating (if you can manage to stay in school)your kid will be in kindergarden dont you think that would be weird? go be a kid trust me you dont want to loose your child hood. i waited till i was 20 and im so glad i did.

  • Kate

    I told my OB-GYN how bad my periods were (unpredictable for more than 3 years, long, heavy and painful enough that I stayed in bed for the first 2 days of my period (I threw up otherwise)) and she put me on the pill. Now they are soooo much better! Exactly every 28 days, only 3 days and I don't even notice cramping. (The pill I'm on is $15 a month.) So talk to your gynecologist. Good luck!

    (PS I'm also a virgin and intend to stay that way a while, so I didn't get the pill because I "need it" for sex)

  • Dee

    Advil, hot shower, exercising, laying on ur stomache. Is what I do if i get any cramps or pains. Also you have to look it up but there is birth control so u only get 4 periods a year!!! good luck