first period: my science teacher embarassed in me in front of the entire class!

there's a first time for everything. period.

First periods don’t have to be embarrassing, but Chloe wrote in to tell us it was the most embarrassing moment of her life!! Could you survive? Read on!

“In September of 2005, when I got my first period, I didn’t have any pads, so I bled straight through my jeans. I asked a girl to borrow one of her two jackets and she wouldn’t let me, so I could do nothing but ask my science teacher (at that time, a 51 year old male) to let me go to the nurse to get a new pair of pants. I said “Mr R, a very private thing just happened to me, may I please go to the nurse to get a new pair of pants?” And he was like “Sure thing! I won’t tell anyone, just quietly slip out the door.”
So I did. I got my pants and all was well again.
In December, my science teacher was teaching a mandatory sex education class. On the first day of having both boys and girls in our class, he started talking about periods and said, “Now girls, you can ALWAYS trust me if you need something for your period! Just ask me to go to the nurse and I’ll let you go. When Chloe got her first period and bled through her pants, she asked me to go and I let her!!!!”
Right when he said that, EVERYONE turned and faced me with looks of disgust. I was HUMILIATED!!! It was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life. That was six years ago and I am still teased about it.”

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  • asavera

    i feel so sorry for u

  • kayla

    Eww ewww and uhh yeah more eww

  • katherine juba


  • DOG


  • Amy

    When I first got my period, it was fine. It was during the summer of grade 7, and I just remember waking up the next morning and glancing down at my night gown and there was blood everywhere! I was alone (thank goodness) and the sheets were kind of stained too. I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever though, so that was a relief. I was feeling kind of self-conscious though, and I didn’t want anyone to know about it because my family would make such a big deal about it. I do remember telling my sister who is older than me by 3 years, and she helped me wash the sheets and my gown, and we managed to keep it a secret for several months. It is important to tell someone though, because you really can’t know how to handle it for the first time!

  • Amber

    OMG i cant believe her teacher said that! How rude and very un professional! And the girl who didnt give up one of her TWO jackets sounds like a bitch

  • SouljaGyrl

    okay well my first time i had it was when i was 12. i had to go to the bathroom n i sawe a whole bunch of blood on my underwear so i ran downstairs to my mother n she gave me a pad but i was so happy because i wasnt at school or anythinq or by a whole bunch of people….

  • Savonna

    im 11 and i hav heard alot of stuff about ur period my mom hav talked 2 mi bout it a lil bit but im stil kinda afraid.i havnt strted mine yet and im glad. Is it very noticeable when u bleed through you pants? :c

    • alyssa

      Hi, im 11 and I dnt have mi period and I have the discharge and everything else but well i havnt got it yet I feel bad. Because all my friends have it and im older then them someone give me advice!!! B-)

      • maria

        Its ok to be older then your friends and not have your period . trust me it will come soon you just have to wait , don’t be in a rush , don’t get mad because you don’t have your period . because everyone’s body is different . Your not always going to get your period the same time as your friends . TRUST ME i was the same i had friends younger then me and i still didn’t have my period . but a few weeks ago i got my period . at the same time girls are so happy to get there periods but not to scare you . to ME getting your period is the WORST thing ever because its uncomfortable and it gives you pain and sometimes you cant even go to school because of the pain . so just be happy and stay cool because you don’t have your period yet . just wait and give your body time :]

  • TPMF12

    Well it`s kind of funny how i got it, i was with my cousin she wis 15 and I was 9.. yeah hard to believe 9!!.. well it was like 1 am and we were both on the internet.. looking for things to do while there was a party outside for my other cousins birthday, suddently i had to go to the bathroom and well I saw myself with LOTS of blood i actually thought I was dieing of cancer (that was some crazyness) and I yelled like crazy: AANDYYY! HELPP THERES BLOOD EVERY WHERE DOWN THERE O.o HELP!! And shee said WTF?!?!?!?!?!?OMG YOUR A WOMAN!!..!! CONGRATS!!.. And i was still in shock!, i meen i was 9 the other day was gonna bee my bday!! and than she called my mother, my mom didn`t believe me -.- buut i didn`t really care, Than my cousin gave me a pad.. i didn`t actually know about what it was or how to put it on so she gave me instruccions and i got out of the bathroom freaked out like hell and crying and she sang to me!! she doesn`t sing so well soo i started to laugh harder than ever and than cryed again.. the good part is that and than i met it was, is, and gonna be the wierdest thing ever!! now i have grown and i know what every thing is soo.. im okay 😎

  • Allie

    I was pretty lucky when my first period came. I'd just turned 13 (great timing!), and I caught it before it showed through my pants. The only bad thing was, we had planned to go on vacation, so I was stuck dealing with my first period through travel and what seemed like endless walking and sight-seeing.

    Oh, and Felicia: I'm no expert, but I've been getting my period for ages, so here's a little advice. Obviously (I'm sure you know this) you need to use your "feminine products" (aka pads, tampons, etc.). Ask your mom or trusted adult female for help if you need it. Don't be scared if you feel dizzy, get headaches, or cramps. It's normal. Drink lots of water. Lie down if you have to. When I get a bad bout of cramps, I drink some water, take an aspirin, put on comfortable clothes, like sweatpants, lie down, and distract myself with a book, magazine, or music. Stressing about your period will only make it worse. Good luck.

  • felicia

    i just got my period today and im scared what should i do?

    • TPMF12

      Relax!!.. at first it`s really freaky.. so it`s normal but some days or months (depends on how you take it) after you`ll get used to it , and it will be normal.. you will have lots of humor changes.. but never loose control..

    • reeta

      all the best

    • maria

      keep calm everything is going to be ok . bring pads to school or some medicine just in case you period is giving you cramps or problems .