do you have a question for PETA? here’s your chance to ask!

After seeing the amazing discussions in this thread about animal rights, it’s obvious to gURL that you have a serious interest in all things that bark, meow, cluck, moo, oink, chirp… you get it.

|Have you seen the video of the guy who kills kittens with a vacuum cleaner? What did you think of it?|

So, we’re more than excited to announce that we’re bringing in an expert from peta2, PETA’s site for teens, to answer your questions about animal rights! Post your questions below or over on the Shout Out Boards, and we’ll send everything over their way.

And FYI: They’re up for answering questions about anything to do with critters and their organization–for real. Need advice on going vegetarian? Wondering if vegan sperm tastes better? Want to know if PETA really helps animals? Ask away!


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  • TC Ayyaş Yalkın Çırak

    I read this thread on PETA’s website.

    But I do wonder, is there a better way? (Other than testing on humans of course. Which will make it 100% accurate. Thats why Germany is good at medicine.) Peta and their siders think that we should not experiment on animals. Without trying to find another way. But we need medicine. New diseases pop up every year. Isnt it better to kill thousands animals to save millions of human lives?

  • seraphene

    im going vegan but what if your pet eats meat i dont no what to do

    • TC Ayyaş Yalkın Çırak

      A dog or a cat cant SURVIVE beign a vegan. So does the human body. Unless you take pills to get Protein, Iron, Minerals, Vitamins, Fat and Omega-3. Which is hilarios to me.

  • Sammi

    My question is that i take boxing, but all they have is leather gloves. Do you know where i could get boxing gloves made of pleather (fake leather) or another material? Online perhaps?

  • paula

    If you eat chicken noodle soup but without the chicken is that bad? or like flavoring or beef broth?

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  • Madeline

    I would like to know why it is illegal to bury your pet after it dies in your back yard, and yet it is perfectly legal to simply throw them away in the garbage? I can understand that there could possibly be a problem with seepage into underground rivers or whatnot, but seriously, animals have been dying for longer than anyone can remember, and theres never been a problem with it. a deer can die in the forest, and its not illegal. why, then, IS it legal to bury your dog? shouldnt you be able to bury your pet anywhere you think you would be able to take care of its grave? why is throwing animal bodies in the garbage NOT illegal? i can understand the need for distinction between a cooked chicken carcass and an actual dead pet chicken, but a dog? a cat? those are creatures that have feelings and memories. i dont think anything that is that intelligent should be able to be thrown away like a machine once it breaks.