cyber sex: your self-portrait may show you’ve got an eating disorder

frida kahlo was the queen of self portraits

Real quick: Grab a pen and draw yourself. Is your sketch little? Big? Footless? Based on what’s there, what’s not, and what’s disproportionate, research can tell a lot about your body image… especially if you have an eating disorder. [Jezebel]

Who are the people who picket abortion clinics? Read this interview before you answer. [100 Interviews]

The gorg Vanessa Hudgens just got inked and her tattoo is freaking cute! 100 points if you can guess what she got and where she got it. [Teen]

Harlequin, a Romance Novel publisher, is trying to patent kissing…. Yeah. [Ology]

Wondering what friends you should plan your Spring Break with? Check out this guide before you start sending out invites. [College Candy]

And finally, an amazing Fashion Week comic: “Rumors I’ve Heard About Anna Wintour” (the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue). [The Hairpin]


more ways to get gURLy:

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