Is It Safe for My Boyfriend to Pee in Me? Will It Kill His Sperm?

would you really wanna pee on him?

Hi Heather,
My boyfriend wanted to have sex and he said could he pee in me afterward to kill the sperm so I wouldn’t get pregnant but I don’t think that’s safe is it??? And what would that do to me???

Sperm, the wonderfully gooey spunk that comes out of a guys penis upon ejaculation, can live in your warm, moist vagina for up to five days. While sperm is sensitive to acidic things, like urine, once his sperm is inside you, there really is no safe way to flush it out. Not even if you urinate as well. Urine is NOT spermicide.

Furthermore, urinating inside you opens you up to serious infection. His urine includes his waste products that could seriously disrupt the happy balance of your vagina, leaving you prone to yeast infections, UTIs and worse, a kidney infection. Bacteria in his pee can swim up to your kidney’s and attack them. It’s painful and it comes on quick.

And finally, I have to address the most serious and scary part of your question: that you’re NOT using a condom. Is there a reason that he’s not putting one on and wants to deceive you into thinking that urination is a form of birth control? You are not only opening yourself up to pregnancy (which you seemed to be concerned about), it also opens you up to serious STI’s. If he is unwilling to use a condom, please abstain from sex with him — only a guy who really cares about you and your life is worth taking that risk for. His lack of concern greatly concerns me and I hope it does you, too.

Hey gURLs, how do you get a guy to put on a condom? I’d love to hear your ideas.

take care,

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  • Jett Vitali

    Urinating inside a woman is slightly less thrilling though than getting your woman juicy wet, while you prairie dog a nice, steaming poop dildo. Place your anus up to her vagina and blast it with full force…it’s great fun for everyone!

  • My shiggy diggy

    “Not even if you urinate”? Are you retarded?

    Her urine wouldn’t even come into contact with the sperm in her vagina

  • teddy

    Urine is a very acidic substance… It could kill many of the cell in your body.. Whereas it is said that it could kill a sperm… You could get infected by many disease STIs are one of them

  • Laira

    I just tell him to put a condom on, plain and simple. Even with birth control, there’s still that chance of getting pregnant (even with pulling out, there’s still a risk.) As an individual, and as a couple, we both agree that being pregnant right now would pretty much screw up our lives. Besides, no condom, he won’t get any. No exceptions.

  • Smart Guy

    Read the article and just a heads up, there SHOULD NOT be any bacteria in urine unless the person has a UTI which would need to be treated. Urine simply contains the chemicals and toxins that are not wanted in the blood stream in addition to water. Nitrogen is what makes up most of the byproducts and is created by cellular metabolism. It is then filtered out of the blood stream through the kidneys in addition to other harmful toxins some of witch may be from drug or alcohol usage.

  • kevin

    Pull and pray

    • Laira

      That’s not 100% effective.
      Hope you’re wishing yourself a happy father’s day then

  • mk46 is a douche

    .Hi a 29 year old nut job delusioned feminist is what I am if there are numbers after the name mk46. I cant get a guy-let alone a girl, after all the horrific surgeries ive done to my body as well as trying to back out of it too too late- I look more plastic than Michael Jackson! not to mention act like a troll, really sobbing behind the screen because of my own fathomless cowardice hate men, but really, I just want one. terribly, and take that hatred of myself and of loneliness out on them. I don’t know what god did to my thought process to make me do this others, but probably its when I stopped thinking for myself.
    don’t repeat the errors of me, mk4614

  • J. Coulter

    So I’m not sure where Heather here got her information and facts from. She says urine contains bacteria in it. That may be true IF the someone were to have some sort of infection. It is a proven fact that a human beings urine is 100% sterile, and is one of the safest substances to come out of the human body. In fact urine is known to be used as an emergency wound/injury cleaner, for example urine is one of the best way to cleanse the wound from a poisonous sea urchin. Urine is even more sterile then human saliva, so you actually have a higher chance of getting an infection from your boyfriend going down on you then you do from him urinating inside you.
    Also I’m having trouble wrapping my head around Heather’s statement that “Bacteria in his pee can swim up to your kidney’s and attack them.” Now I’ve taken both Human Biology & Human Anatomy in college and not once did I read that any part of the vagina has a connection to the kidneys. You don’t need to worry about your kidneys or urinary track getting bacteria because there are ZERO connections inside your vagina that lead to your kidneys, the only way something like that would happen is if he were to have an infection and somehow found a way to urinate into your bladder.
    If your boyfriend is healthy and is negative on infections then it is safe for him to urinate inside you without any repercussions. Though I do have some suggestions that will help make the experience a little more enjoyable for you.
    1) Have him drink water throughout the entire day if he wants to urinate inside you. His urine should be completely clear. (The reason why should be obvious)
    2) During the day the heavier properties of urine are going to settle at the bottom of the bladder, these properties are what cause urine to look yellow. That is why when keep yourself hydrated and go to urinate the first few amounts of your urine is going to look yellow and then turn clear. So before he goes to urinate inside you have him first release a courtesy stream until his urine no longer shows any yellow.
    3) Do this while in your shower or bathtub because it will most likely make a mess.
    4) After you two have had your fun I suggest rinsing out your vagina, even the urine is 100% sterile it is still acidic which can cause skin irritation if left alone for too long so you’re going to want to dilute it.

    I hope this helps you and anybody else seeking answers. Have fun and be safe

  • candy-kisses

    Im 7months pregnant & my hubby wants to pee inside of me while his coming but we are not so sure if that will harm our baby boy… what should we do any answers out there???

    • J.Coulter

      If you weren’t pregnant I would say go ahead but since you are I’d advised against it. Urine is 100% sterile so you have nothing to worry about via infections but urine is acidic and can slightly lower your pH level which you probably dont want to lower because of your pregnancy.

  • Jay

    Q: my wife is pregnant and we had morning sex. I think I may have accidentally peed in her before I ejaculated. Is this going to harm my unborn baby or my wife? If so what csn I do to clean her? Can I use normal douche even though she’s 6 wks pregnant?

  • james thomas

    wasn’t that a no no in the bible,or was that how Chinese people came about.

  • Mother Theresa

    My mans been urinating in me for 37 years and let me tell yall its the BEST warming sensation I have ever felt in my lifetime. Its better then warming gel. Let the men flowwwwww it in the cootaaaa holeeeee! 🙂

    • maria

      Your statement is stupied.. don’t do this this is disgusting . Whoever lets some one puss I them is really disgusting to even think about it make you nasty. Nd you can get yeast infections .. who asked this question is completely dirty. That’s no turn on..

  • Steve

    Only if you kick him in the balls.

  • shrinkwrap

    My boyfriend peed in me on accident

  • laura

    he is trying to convince you to let him pee in you because he thinks its hot. dont be a sucker.

  • mk4614

    Hi I’m a 28 year old male I’ve been reading some of the comments on here and I agree with some of the women don’t let him urinate in you you’re risking your health for his pleasure which ain’t right if you both agree not to use condoms then you should accept the fact that you may get pregnant if you do not want to get pregnant then use condoms or take birth control or there’s 2 other option which I do not really agree on unless your life is at risk 1 is getting your tubes tied and the other is getting your ovaries taken out if your boyfriend doesn’t care then he isn’t the man for you in fact he isn’t a man at all is he was a man he would respect your wishes your life is way too precious as well as your body don’t let him destroy either 1 if you can’t respect you then he’s not the 1 and you deserve better than him

    • Tayona

      Don’t let him pee. In you