Reader Hookup Confession: I Hooked Up with My Cousin! Can I Go Back for More?

So wrong or so right?

This gURL’s got a guy she likes kissing, but she thinks it might be so wrong. Read on:

“I just recently moved back to my country (which is awesome), and my family and I were on are way back from a birthday party. When we finally got home, my mom and dad went inside and I stayed outside with my boy cousin. We were talking and all of a sudden he just grabbed me and kissed me. I’m not going to lie, I always think he is soo hot, but it was so weird. I try to avoid him but, he’s always texting me, and since he’s family, I see him a lot.

|This gURL’s got the hots for her sister. What should she do?|

I’m sort of afraid that it will happen, but then again, I liked it. I know it is wrong, but then again, it feels so right, and in my country it’s not something weird for cousins to flirt with each other and sometimes even have sex with each other. What should i do?”

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  • Kylie

    For the record, the offspring of first cousins has as much of a chance of a birth defect as the offspring of a woman over 40.

  • Steph

    It is actually legal in some countries for cousins to get married and stuff

  • Steph :)

    Are you related by blood or marriage because if you’re really attracted to him I guess it’s not that bad (if he’s not blood family anyway otherwise that would be disgusting)

  • shikharules

    omg…in what “country” do cousins have sex with each other..??

  • Sarah M

    Pgeezy seems really uptight…prolly has a thing for her bky cuz! .lol Look, in many countries cousins are allowed to marry. I crushed on my cousin when I was a teen. I made out with him a couple times. It was awesome. Then, we went off to uni and found others. We still laugh about it today. It was a safe (and yummy) way to experiment and learn how to kiss, etc.

  • Pgeezy

    im jus going to say this, i mean no harm to anybody, but This is disgusting, do you realize that your cousin is your father or mothers sibling’s child————— you really should not do that YOU ARE BLOOD RELATED,