first period: a true, church filled, omg story

there's a first time for everything. period.

Oh god. Literally.

I got my first period in church. Of course, I was dressed in a yellow and white and cream printed dress and it was springtime so I didn’t have tights on or anything. Just me, my white panties and my light colored dress. Mass was almost over and I had been thinking about how much I hated my algebra teacher and how I was going to deal with it the right way and then I just felt something pop!

I ran to the bathroom and saw the blood and immediately though god had struck me with a disease or curse! It didn’t occur to me, at 12, that it was my period! It was brighter and bigger than I had expected and, it had already spotted through my underwear and on to my dress. I started crying and apologizing to God and vowing to just bear up and do my algebra homework without getting someone’s help and that I’d never think of Mr. Greco in a bad way again.

My mom finally came in and heard me crying. I let her in the stall and she explained that I wasn’t cursed. We ended up laughing as she helped me clean up and figure it out. And, I definitely thought mean things about Mr. Greco again.

Could you imagine it? OMG!  Have a first period story you want to share? Send it in to, or, you can share it in the comments below!


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