exclusive video: christina grimmie’s anti-valentine’s day playlist

this gURL knows cupid is stupid

Officially sick of Valentine’s Day? Ready to never see the colors pink or red ever again? YouTube star Christina Grimmie understands, and she’s got your back with her very own Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist.

|Think being single sucks? At least you don’t have a boyfriend who breaks all of your stuff!|

Check out Christina’s picks below:

What are your favorite anti-love songs? Share below, and be sure to read some delightful Anti-V-Day stories to boost your mood!


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  • Luvli

    lol of all anti love songs, I think 3oh!3 has some of the best. 😉 and then there's i almost told u that i love u by papa roach… luv it too.

    I have sooo many it's hard to list.