can I masturbate on my period? how?

Dear Heather,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m wondering though, how can you masturbate on your period?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! What an excellent question on a day that can bring lots of lonely girls, especially those who are exacerbatedly hormonal from a period, a whole bunch of pleasure. It might be a bummer to be on your period for a lot of reasons, not getting to masturbate isn’t one of them. There are so many ways to pleasure yourself, on your period or not, that don’t involve actually touching yourself when your flow is. Fingering yourself isn’t the only way to have an orgasm!

|Touching yourself there not only feels good, but also releases sexual tension and helps you learn a lot about your sexual preferences. So go ahead gURLs, bravely (and anonymously) help us break down the masturbation taboo and share your stories with this fun survey!|

In fact, many gURLs can’t come from any penetration, but instead, rub the outside, over, on, near and around the clitoris, vulva and labia. Pinching, pressing, stroking, tickling, kneading and rubbing that sensitive area in a sensual rhythm should lead to orgasm. It’s important to make sure you have privacy (unless you’re this gURL) and to not worry about how long it might take. Just enjoy the feeling. Touching your nipples and around the anus can also turn a gURL on!

Explore all the parts of your body! Touching yourself on your sides, hips, across your neck and chest, behind your ears — these are all sensitive areas that, especially with the power of fantasy and imagination, can get you off. If you have to be naked when you masturbate, just put a towel down so you don’t stain anything that might be hard to clean.

Do any gURLs out there have masturbation tips of their own? I’d love to hear what you think.

take care,

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  1. avatartiffany says:

    Masturbating while on your period feels amazing but at the same time it can be very icky just get an eraser or Something Soft And Rub It Against Your Clit it feels amazing

  2. avatarSarah says:

    It’s just messy, but feels more amazing when your in your period :)

  3. avatarSam says:

    Ok so I am 15 and I love to rub myself down there. Well my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months and really wants to finger me. But I know that it feels better when you rub it at different speeds and with different amounts of pressure, I don’t want him to think he’s doing something wrong when I don’t enjoy but I also don’t want to tell him how I like it because he doesn’t need to know that I masturbate a lot, help me!

    • avatarBianca says:

      Just tell him how you like it down there or guide him while hes doing it but in a sexy way. Try saying “harder or faster” while moaning. Don’t be afraid of just grabbing his hand and showing him how to do it. Some guys actually like it when you take control and I think he would rather pleasure you than protect his pride.

  4. avatarella george says:

    hi i am ella 21 year old n i am still a virgin yes i finger myself n it feels great but i do it very hard is it dangerous ?

    • avatarTia says:

      no it’s ok. since girls need sperm to be able to be pregnant it’s fine :) lots of people finger themselves hard and they enjoy it very much so ur not the only on that does it. I do it too!

  5. avatarPrisila says:

    Masturbating while on your period can be fine and I think it way better. But it can be messy … >.< anyways it's not dangerous at all to do it so go ahead and do it !! (; :P

  6. avataraubree lacy says:

    I just rub it when on my period bcuz I love masturebation. Its twice as good on ur Period

  7. avatarCharlene says:

    I love some alone time, i love to light candles and get completely nacked. I masturbate to porn, i have to say watching leabian porn really turns me on! Im not a lesbian but because women are more gentle, i just fantacise my man touching and licking me like that. It really works! Try it out!

  8. avatarArtisha says:

    Kay well my bf is away and he wants to have phone sex. I really..really want to but im on my period..any tips?

  9. avatarLexi says:

    Oh yeah, its totally safe and feels a lot better on your period! you could just rub and finger around it not necessarily in it! :)

  10. avatarGemma says:

    What i usually do when im on my period and really want to masturbate i just go into my bathroom lock the door get in the shower and since i have a shower head that i can bring down i just layin in the bathtub and have the shower head over my clit and on my shower head we can change the settings so i just change it to what ever feels good and then i get a great orgasm out of that. Hope it helps (:

  11. avatarMichelle says:

    Ok so I’m 13 I don’t have a “dildo” and I masturbate but I’m worried about masturbating on my pierod… What should I do?

    • avatarLizzi says:

      Well i normally. Wash down there right before and then rub my clit and around the area since your on your period it works wonders and the best part about it is theres no mess tbh. Just shower when your done if its needed never go lower then your clit area though because when it gets wet it will be messy because of the blood flow down there

  12. avatarAmber says:

    I love masturbating when I’m on my period. What I do is put a condom on my vibrator and just go for it!!!! It feels like a long dick inside of my wet pussy. Sometimes I even do it when I take a shower, and that makes it more erotic and sensual! Try it it’s amazing

  13. avatarzara says:

    Yeah masturbating on your period is cool. Is it normal that i take a old top i never wear anymore (it’s clean) and hump that till i orgasam?

  14. avatarJandi sonata says:

    sO iM 15 and i masturbated during my period by myself and i havent got my period yet am i pregnant ive been experiencing MiGraine and stomach ache is this normal? and Last night i went to the bathroom i saw a kind of brown blood on my panty iM so worried.

  15. avatarmbali says:

    yep its a good think so come on lets enjoy it while u stay a virgin

  16. avatarhanabanana says:

    when i masturbate on my period it feels so much better, what i do is lie down on my back while i have a pad on and use a q-tip to stimulate my clitoris, when im done i simply wrap up the q-tip in some toilet paper and throw it away and im done and no mess at all! :)

    • avatarShayne says:

      I like to press my vibrator against my clit while the pads on, then its vibrating the pad and feels so good, or I just rub the pad and that also feels great on my clit.

  17. avatarJanJan says:

    Hi, I’m still quite young and I masturbate alot because I love the feeling of it and I enjoy doing it in the shower, now that I got my period I was wondering if it is still safe to do so. If not please respond and if there are only some things I can do, please tell me. Btw is it possible for me to finger myself or is that dangerous.

    • avatarterra says:

      Its not; dangerous to finger yourself on your period but, it is indeed in my opinion icky, because of the blood. And u can do whatever udid before

  18. avatarOlivia says:

    Personally to me, masturbation on your period seems to be twice as pleasureful and exciting than the rest of the days in the month. There’s such a buildup of hormones and tensions that for a lot of people, their urge tends to be higher. Some people are completely against masturbating on their periods because of the mess, and that is totally agreeable. Things can definetely get a little too messy sometimes, so I’d recommend putting on a clean, fresh pad before you start going off. If you lay down and rub the pad against you, it feels like heaven. Just stroke it and slide it across your vagina and eventually you will become wet enough to have created your own lube. If it is too messy then just finish, wipe down, and start over again.

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