can I masturbate on my period? how?

Dear Heather,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m wondering though, how can you masturbate on your period?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! What an excellent question on a day that can bring lots of lonely girls, especially those who are exacerbatedly hormonal from a period, a whole bunch of pleasure. It might be a bummer to be on your period for a lot of reasons, not getting to masturbate isn’t one of them. There are so many ways to pleasure yourself, on your period or not, that don’t involve actually touching yourself when your flow is. Fingering yourself isn’t the only way to have an orgasm!

|Touching yourself there not only feels good, but also releases sexual tension and helps you learn a lot about your sexual preferences. So go ahead gURLs, bravely (and anonymously) help us break down the masturbation taboo and share your stories with this fun survey!|

In fact, many gURLs can’t come from any penetration, but instead, rub the outside, over, on, near and around the clitoris, vulva and labia. Pinching, pressing, stroking, tickling, kneading and rubbing that sensitive area in a sensual rhythm should lead to orgasm. It’s important to make sure you have privacy (unless you’re this gURL) and to not worry about how long it might take. Just enjoy the feeling. Touching your nipples and around the anus can also turn a gURL on!

Explore all the parts of your body! Touching yourself on your sides, hips, across your neck and chest, behind your ears — these are all sensitive areas that, especially with the power of fantasy and imagination, can get you off. If you have to be naked when you masturbate, just put a towel down so you don’t stain anything that might be hard to clean.

Do any gURLs out there have masturbation tips of their own? I’d love to hear what you think.

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  • Susan Pontow

    I found this article this morning as I was searching for ideas. I don’t like to touch the blood with my fingers at all. Normally I would use a washcloth in between my hand and myself. But today I found my best solution…I put down a towel to lay on then I used a disposable glove with some lube (organic coconut oil) on it. Worked perfectly!

  • Tammy

    Hey, so i am a 15 year old girl and i kinda need some advice. I know i sound dumb saying this but, i started masturbating about 2 months ago and i kinda like it. But maybe to much? is it normal for a girl to masturbate more than once a day?.. call me whatever you like but its not my fault i enjoy it, ive recently been masturbating like twice a day and i was just curious if this was bad for me and if i need to stop. Also is it possible to masturbate on your period..? Thanks.

  • Kat

    Ok I’m 17 I’m on my period and I want to pleasure myself what do I do? Help!!

  • anonymous

    Yes, using the vibrating shower works so good when aiming it at your clit and it actually helps to find your g-spot even better!

  • Anastasia

    Try humping a pillow+grinding against it. Always gets the job done

    • Chelsi

      Omgggggg yesss

  • Jessica

    Hi I’m on my period and I like fingering myself and I’m so horny while I’m on my period :/ is it Okei to finger myself ????

    • Jenikitty711

      I think it is… I tried it a few months ago and just did the clitoris. I still got my pleasure, and only had a dab of blood on my finger. But, I think that was from when I rubbed my labia to get some of my wetness on my pussy. Well, I will go hide now because I feel Embarrassed. 🙂

  • christIna

    Is it okay to masturbate on my period?

  • Heavennn

    Well I mean I’m on my period now and what I do is get my shower head and adjust the water pressure and aim it on my clit. Sometimes I’ll move the shower head so the water goes like above my clit then below it. Feels good to me.

    • Elle

      Any time if you want to masturbate lay down in the bath tub and scoot up to where the faucet is and aim it where your urin comes and this also helps with making your vagina bigger for when you have sex your a little bit more prepared