gURL crush: Glee‘s Ashley Fink

we "fink" Ashley's fine!!

Ashley Fink is hilarious. She’s sweet. She loves Def Leppard. She’s a role model. And she’s a really good actress. Playing Lauren Zizes on Glee, she’s the glee club’s latest member, filled with hilarious one-liners and her incredible self-confidence! And that’s exactly what got this gURL lead roles on Huge, and in the hit underground movie Fat Girls (haven’t seen it? It’s so good, Netflix that now!), and her now perma-role on Glee.

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She might be the apple of Puck’s eye, but this Valentine’s Day she’s spending solo. But that’s totally by choice. She told Celebuzz “I’m married to Glee. I don’t have time to pee, when do I have time to find a boyfriend?” Umm, Ashley? Will you be our Valentine?

With tweets like “Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in my trailer. Raphael is cool but rude Yeah he is. #IheartRaphael” and “Oh gurl! I love Cee-Lo! One of the best albums of the year!! RT @Chris_Guerra: Shooting with Cee-Lo :)” and “Woke up and realized I was full on cuddling my blackberry. #ihaveaproblem,” we’re becoming more and more infatuated by the second.

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Oh, and listen to her upcoming hilarious take on “I Know What Boys Like:”

You can catch Ash on the Glee tour this summer! And you should follow her on Twitter too.  (And us, too, while you’re at it.)


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