gURL gRABs: win a Samii Ryan feathered earring!

What’s your dream job? Tell us and win a Samii Ryan feathered earring! One lucky winner will win a custom made feather earring as worn by Ke$ha in her legendary New Year’s Eve performance at Times Square!

If anyone, EVER tells you that you’re too young to do something, just think of Samii Ryan. The 18 year old designer says it best herself: “Creativity is in my blood, and passion runs through my veins. As long as I keep my head on straight and stay positive, anything is possible.” Check out more about Samii and her feathery accessories at Tell us what your dream career is!

This sweepstakes ended on March 11, 2011.

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  • nickie

    to be a guidence counselor

  • Carolyn Berg

    I am a mother that is the best job in the world. It is better than any career. Now that my son is grown. I am pursueing my next career as a real estate agent.

  • My dream job is to become a famous entertainer/singer. I don't want to become this for the money like most people. I actually really want this to help others. That one dream job can help me fulfill so many wishes. One of my wishes is to donate up One Billion DOllars to charity throughout my lifetime. I also want to meet Beyonce, travel the world, entertain others, and doing things that are out of the ordinary. I do want to make money, but only to support myself for the future. This would be the most fulfilling dream job in my eyes.

  • Christina

    My dream job? To start up my own band, go to L.A. and live my dream as the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, with no definite genre of music to play (I like all of them so why choose?) I'd get to write songs that people can actually relate to on a deeper level (unlike songs about clubs or sex,) something audiences has shared the same experience as, yet still be able to have a good time and dance to it. Also travel the road, meet new people, and get to do things I'd never think I'd ever do before 🙂

  • Miranda N

    My dream job is to be the host of a radio show. Specifically, a jazz show! I want to mix it up with old and new jazz, smooth and acid jazz, and even Latin and Spanish jazz! I want to inform my listeners about upcoming jazz shows, news, and history! Right now I am in broadcasting school following my dream and trying to make the world a little more smooth.

  • Jessica

    My dream job is to save lives. After my mother was told she had liver disease I knew that I want to save peoples lives that were going through what my mom was going through. I am able to relate to what family members of people with this are going through and it's hard no one should have to.

  • Christina

    My dream job is to be a celebrity publicist! I would love to work with famous sports stars & musicians for a living!

  • Sarah

    My dream is to open up my own barn and training facility. Horses have always been my passion, and I hope to one day open up my own barn and train my own horses and other students. Also resell, and compete in horse shows to hopefully make it up to the highest level I can. Hopefully Olympic level. Wouldn't it be nice to see me on the Summer Olympics?

  • Ali

    My dream job is to become a counseling psychologist so that I can help people with their problems.

  • Sydney

    my dream job is to open a Vegan Bakery <3

  • Danielle

    My dream job is to be either a fashion designer, a makeup artist, or a marine biologist

  • Andrea

    My dream job is being a veterinarian. I'm a vegetarian and helping animals will only increase my cause for helping animals.

  • Camisha

    My dream job is to be a singer I can relate to my fans this way. Music also helps through the tough times.

  • Allison

    My dream career is to become a doctor so I can save lives :)))