discuss: ronnie destroyed all of sammi’s stuff on jersey shore last night. have you ever messed with your lover’s things?

does this look like a gURL in love?

On last night’s Jersey Shore, a jealous and rage-filled Ronnie destroyed pretty much everything he could get his hands on that belonged to his ex(ish)-gf Sammi Sweetheart.

|Do you think this fight was worse than when Sammi punched Ron?|

Ron told Sam that he broke all her stuff because she had disrespected him, but is that ever a good excuse to mess with your lover’s personal property? Would you consider it domestic violence? This outburst was the final straw for the gURL, who packed her bags and went home (for the time being, anyway).

It was scary to see Ronnie get that angry at a gURL who he supposedly loves. He’s been calling her a “spoiled, useless bitch” for the past couple of weeks, and has proven he’s got major control and rage issues. It may make for pretty good TV, but DomesticViolence.org would say that the guy’s behavior is straight up abusive.

|gURLs in the Shout Out Boards are talking about times they’ve been in Sam’s (and Ron’s) position. Can you relate to their stories?|

Have you ever been so pissed that you messed with your sweetie’s things? Do you regret it? Have you ever had your possessions ruined? What did you do? Share below.


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  1. avatarhailea says:

    i used to hate sammy and ronnie and i still hate ronnie but i dont hate sammie!!!

  2. avatarJessica says:

    I have done the following things to my ex after he cheated on me:

    -Keyed his car with a girlfriend

    -Bleached, tore up and threw away his most expensive and nice clothes

    -Ripped his cell charger in half

    -Scrubbed his toothbrush on the inside of the toilet

    -Hacked into his e-mail and got girls numbers/names and posted them on the internet for everyone (including them) to see on his tagged.com account

    …and done other stuff. we've both beat up each other. The charger I broke, he whipped at me and it busted open my skin. he's also thrown out all of my clothes he didn't like (mostly dresses and skirts).

    It was a 5-yr old off and on relationship. I wanted to leave but I was financially and emotionally co-dependent on him so i didn't for a long time.

    It was a horrible experience all around…for him and me both. I feel bad for all the ways I know I've hurt him but what can you do? So, we just moved on and away from each other.

  3. avatarIndigo says:

    I dont think it was right for her to hit him. Obviously if he cheated he didnt respect her in the first place. I know she loves him but they should have talked about it like adults not fought like children. Hes a big dude with insecurities which makes for a crappy lover. Hopefully she doesnt go back to him until he can see the error in his ways.

  4. avatarSasha fierce says:

    Ronnie's a jerk for doing that to sam. it's funny that he did the same so many nights in row and wants to get away with it. he says doing it infront of him was disrespectful well you know what hiding and lying and doing it is more shady. atleast whatever she did was infront of him not lying and hiding. plus as he says they were broken up already. he said " he was gonna bring 2 girls that night" he just mad she played the game first and he got in a bad mood. Rather, had it been like always her crying @ home and he bringing girls it would have been okay with him|!

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