your best anti-valentine’s day stories are here!

down with cupid!

V-Day is great when you have a sweetie (like these gURLS do), but can totally suck for those of us feeling lonely this time of year.

To beat those February 14th blues, we asked you to submit your best Anti-Valentine’s Day stories. Check out our fave submissions:

Me and my friends plan on going this Friday to see the movie No Strings Attached. We’re having a girls night out, my friend was like “We’ll all go on date together!” so that’s what we’re planning on doing. I’ve never been taken on Valentines day, and I’d like to be someday. Ha, oh well. Guess that means I’ve gotta wait til…. Whenever. (: ” – cheer50029

My best Anti-Valentine’s Day story involves being in a LDR, not being able to have sex, receive a V-Day card in person, kissing, hugging and everything else lovey dovey. Cupid is stupid. But so is the case of not having your loved one there with you to show you affection and love on that one day a year that is commercially raping the public.” – vickymh

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I think last year I got in a fight with my mom and I felt really bad about it, so I had some extra money lying around and I ran through Target and got her a coffee mug, hersheys with almonds in it, and twizzlers and wrapped it up for her. I didn’t get anything in return but it was a great way to patch up our relationship after a heated argument. :] She loved it! This year me and my friends (+the guy I like ;D) are thinking about going to dinner Monday night. We’ll see!” – Owl City Freak

That’s what we love about you gURLs: You diversity, nonconformity, and excellent taste in candy!

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  • Jess

    I know that it's a quote, but using "raping" in that context is pretty uncalled for.