v-day alert: check our these gURLs and their sweeties!

so sweet <3!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the love between gURLs and their partners. After asking you to post your photos and tell us why your love was like no other, you ladies totally delivered the goods.

The response was awesome, and we can’t get over how cute–and absolutely hilarious–you gURLs are. Check out these adorable pics that you submitted!

|No clue what to get your sweetie for the big day? gURL’s got your back.|

Want to be a part of the lovey-dovey fun? You can still show off your sweetie in the Shout Out Boards!

Any V-Day haters in the house? Trust us, you’re not alone. Next up, we’re collecting your best Anti-Valentine’s Day stories. What’s your favorite way to celebrate February 14 when you’re not in a relationship? Discuss below, or in the boards.


more ways to get gURLy:

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