first period: i got it at my brother’s birthday party in front of 20 boys!

there's a first time for everything. period.

Could you imagine an audience of teenage boys present when you got your first period? Here’s this gURL’s mortifying story!

All eyes were on my brother until I felt something wet down there. It was his 14th birthday and all of his really really hot friends were all at our house. Some were playing ping pong, others air hockey, and a few were on Wii. My parents set up a 3-hole mini golf course in the backyard, and that’s where I was, playing with my bff who was also drooling over the boys that were surrounding us. My grandparents, aunts, and uncles all  sat across the yard near the snack table, watching us gurls attempting to look sexy as we bent down to position our balls.

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About half way through our third round, a few of my brother’s friends came over, including Hayden, the one I had the hugest crush on.  They wanted in on the next round. I was so excited.  I had just landed my ball in the hole, leaned down to get it, and when I got up, that’s when I felt it. I was 12 but still, I didn’t know what it was. I thought maybe I had to pee and since I was wearing a dress I dropped my golf club and ran into the house. Of course, I literally bumped into 10 different dudes to get to the bathroom. And when I got there, and saw the bright red specks in my underwear, I couldn’t believe it. I called for my mom who had a few overnight pads — she had run out of her usually thin maxi’s! So there I was, walking around in front of those dudes with what felt like a brick between my legs. It felt awful.

I opted out of the next round of mini-golf for fear of a boy seeing up there and seeing THAT. My bff kept wanting to know why — obviously she really wanted to play with the boys. I couldn’t tell her though.

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When my mom came back outside, she headed straight for the snack table and started whispering the news to the family. I was humiliated. They started sending me weird smiles and all I wanted to do was cry. When it came time to sing my brother “Happy Birthday,” it seemed my family couldn’t help but look at ME while they sang it, as if they were singing “Happy Womanhood” instead!

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  • Lexy

    I got my frist period at church. I suddenly felt wet down there and really wanted to pee. When I got there and finsh pee. I was ready to pull up my underwear and I looked down I was shocked I thought I crapped my underwear I was worrying but when I looked down at it closely it was my frist period. I called my cousin out of church and told her the matter she was surprised and told me I could go breed now
    I told her I wont and she was okay with that she was joking, i then borrowed my grandmother`s keys to the house and then my mother was just arriving ffrom a class and we told her we lived beside the church so we walked home and my mother showed me how to use a pad then I went to wash my underwear but it was badly stained so I could not so I left in water and went back to church but church was over so I told everyone hello and went back home my mother explained everrthing to me later on my 16 year old aunt my moms younger sister and our other cousin found out that I was now a woman so my other cousin asked me how old was I AND I SAID 10 THEN they where telling me that they started in grade 6 not grade 4 then my grandma found out later e.I HAD BOOBS THE SIZE OF GIRLS IN GRADE 9. I wanted to tell my friend Shanae but my mother stopped me I told mother not to tell dad but she did i was upset. TWO WEEKS LATER i found out Shanae had her period too AND i told her i started too.

  • jaypooh

    i got mine in january of 2011 i was at home and my underwear was dirty from the blood and mom said do you have your period i was like i dunno and i did have it yay

    • Lexy

      Good point

  • Sydney

    I got mine durring school. We were having a lil reward thing, and my purse was in math class. I bleed heavily. Oh god, I nearly burst out in tears. My best option was to walk aroundd with toilet paper. Wow worst all my BOYFRIEND wanted to play a game were you balance on a platforn and use a heavy stick to knock your opponet off their platform. Then we played in the bouncy house lol. Worst day ever!!!!!!

    • Lexy

      Omy sorry to here

  • Akansha

    I too got mine when i was 11 at my sister’s birthday party. luckily they all were girls. When I got mine a friend of my sister who was also having her’s saw red spots on my off white gown. She took me to the washroom gave me a pad and wished me a Happy Womanhood

    • Lexy

      That’s nice cause it could have been boys laughing at you