Reader Hookup Confession: My First Kiss Was with a Five Year Old!

Pucker up!

When most gURLs imagine their first kiss, they don’t quite expect it to be with someone so…young. Luckily for this reader, she wasn’t too traumatized by her luck of the draw. She wrote in to

My first kiss wasn’t at all what you would call romantic, but it was cute. I was 12, and it was the school holidays in Australia, and we had dance comps (my sister owns a dance school) in a recreation center. They had basketball courts there, a gym and a massive ramp up to the gym which no one ever knew about. Me and my friend Emily were playing up the ramp when we saw this little 5 year old boy who was all alone and had a basketball, and we wanted to play with the basketball so we asked him if he wanted to play. He was extremely shy although he told us his name and how his dad played basketball a lot and he wanted to be like his dad when he grew up. We played with the basketball when we had to go get ready for a dance. I told the little boy that I had to go and usually he was really shy but this time, he wasn’t. He told me to sit in front of him. I thought it was a game of ball or something, but when he got up and went towards me, I had no idea what he was doing. He kissed me on the cheek and ran away. My heart was pounding and Emily just stood there with her jaw dropping. I never saw him again, but it was the cutest first kiss anyone could have.


Do you think your first kiss story is as cute as Caelee’s? Share it below.


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  • Penny

    awee so cute<3 lol my first kiss was with a five year old on the lips!!! haha but i was 5 too 😛

  • lovebecs

    Ok so I’m 12 and my bf is 13 but were both going into 8th so we were at sleep away camp and I take allergy medicine every night so he said he would come with me to get them I kinda knew he was gonna kiss me cause he had tried before but we got interrupted. So we were holding hands and walking and he stopped and turned to me and said I need to tell you something. I get awkward around guys so I was like I think I know what ur gonna say you kinda wanted to kiss me? And he was like well yah but actually I’ve kinda never kissed anyone so I don’t know how this works. I was like same and then waited like 30 seconds and said just wanna kinda try and he was like yah so we both leaned in and we kinda missed like are lips hit but it wasn’t right. We did this 3 times and then finally figured it out and like kisses for a minute then we stopped stared at each other and he was like nite so I said nite the we hugged an ran away one of his counclers saw the whole thing and told him I’m gonna pretend I was blind for that moment

  • Alice130

    That is cute<333

  • Zoey

    technically its not your first kiss kiss but you know its sooper cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 🙂 🙂

  • yustikarani

    Thats soo cuute :3 <3

  • Floop

    Mine wasn’t, the guy coughed in my mouth.. fml

  • Marilyn

    Aw. cute :3

  • jaypooh

    mine isn’t cute me and my cousin were in the park and we were getting chased by the two cute boys so i was the fastest i had her oon my back and we went and stood by the restroom and i felt a tap on my back and i turned around and he put his hand around my waist and kissed me on my back but the boy was my friend anyways lol

  • ilmyboy

    aww this probably aint as cute but it counts. in 6th grade i wuz at my sisters play n i wuz sitting in a balcony seat. i saw this kid wit his gorgeous brown eyes n he sat down n we were tlkin. when the play ended he said goodbye n when i turned to leave he grabbed me n kissed my rite on the lips

  • Kay

    Mine isn't as cute either but it was in 7th grade. I was sitting in the car with my bff, my sis, my bro and my bffs bro. my bro was sitting behind my bff and her bro was sitting behind me with my sis between me and my bff. so we were watching schoolhouse rock on our portable dvd player and her bro suddenly wraps his arms around my neck…well my brother follows suit on my bff. then her bro kisses my cheek and my bro does the same to her. in the end he and i "dated" for 2 hours that night lol. but he was my first kiss.

  • Dee

    deff not as cute but it made my heart flutter. In 6th grade the entire class went on a camping trip. We were forced to do a night walk and sit a half mile away from the nearest person for half an hour in the dark, in the woods. The boy I liked walked with me and I got scared so her grabbed my hand. When I left to sit down he ran back and kissed me on the cheek and went back to were he was suppossed to be. It was the cutest thing ever!

  • btw haley, thats adorable.

  • This is probably not as cute as Haley's but i think it's pretty cute. One time in preschool this kid, (I even forget his name) i liked did something i'll never forget. In our school we had this play house thing and we liked to play in it. anyways, he brought me in there and said he had something for me. And then right there in the playhouse he kissed me on the cheek. (It now reminds me of peter pan, right?) Anyways, i thought it was the cutest thing.

  • Eminem_Fan_57

    Awww! ( ;