gURL crush: Chelsea Kane

Is it really possible for a Disney Princess to be an indie rocker? Meet Chelsea Kane. Making the move from Jonas Brothers pop songs to heart-wrenching rock, Chelsea (you know, she used to be Staub but is going by her middle name as her last name because sometimes, it’s just way cooler to be different) is doing just that. Starring in The Homes on

In a Glee-like way, the stars of the web series, The Homes, are hoping to take their show on the road. And it’s obvious this gURL is all about the music.

“My iPod is a collection of people and experiences. ” she told  JustJaredJr. “Breakups consist of a lot of Joshua Radin and The Weepies. Girls night out is full of Britney Spears, Peaches and Girl Talk. John Cabrera, our director, introduced me to some of my new favorite artists: Darwin Deez, Frightened Rabbit, Surfer Blood and Marina and the Diamonds.”

Check out Chelsea in the first eppie of The Homes and tell us whatcha think!

P.S. Also watch out for the bass player of the band, Minni Jo MazzolaYou’ve seen her play Aubrey Plaza’s sister on Parks & Recreation. She plays flute, too, in a band in LA called Mirden. Oh yeah, and she’s really hot.


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